Surprise, Surprise – CEO’s Are Paid Too Much

I have long suspected that the majority of CEO’s in the Western world, particularly in the US and Australia are vastly overpaid in terms of the value they bring to both shareholders and communities. Many years ago i looked at the share price performance of companies that had the highest paid CEO’s – at the…

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This is my WTF moment for this week – possibly this year. Did you know that in Arizona it is illegal to massage a horse without a licence.We are talking about therapeutic massage here, not the you have been out on the trail too long and that filly looks mighty fetching in this light. Interestingly,…

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Stupid Headline Of The Day

I know I should not be amazed at the limited grasp of market reality that afflicts both financial journalists and fund managers but this one is a corker. Five-year bull run continues “Given a five-year bull run it is impossible to argue stocks look cheap, but the market is not necessarily too high,” MLC Investment…

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Oshi Shinobu

I was cleaning out some old stuff of mine after finally getting the painters out of my house and I came across an old battered and weathered  t-shirt of  mine that had the following kanji characters written on it. For those whose Japanese is a little rusty it breaks down to the expression Osu. Osu…

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Variant Perception And Problem Solving

Whenever, you take a position in a given instrument you are by definition doing something that is different from someone else in the same circumstances. Consider the chart below of Apple. I could make the compelling case that the stock has broken out. It has made a new high, broken out of resistance and has…

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What Kills Us? How We Understand Risk.

Humans by and large are appalling natural statisticians, we continually misunderstand the risk of certain events occurring. I have friends who wont swim at the beach because they are frightened of sharks by will drive for two hours to get to the beach and then sit on the sand.    

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How Stocks React To Geopolitical Uncertainty

With the Russians playing funny buggers in the Ukraine I came across the following table from the looks at the response of the market to a series of shocks. I was surprised to see that the Cuban missile crisis only dropped the market 2.7% .I would have thought that the prospect of Armageddon would…

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The Mind And Cancer

This is an interesting episode from the ABC’s Health Report. Long story made short – the way you think doesn’t give you cancer and the way you think about your cancer once you have it doesn’t determine or influence your survival. Somewhat puts a hole in all those dickheads who post in social media, although…

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Bull Market Length

Here are two charts I snipped from Bespoke – those folks who generate massive numbers of metrics very few of which I understand. Whenever, I come across something like this the first question I ask is does it in some way assist in the trading process. Trading is an information management profession – everyday we are…

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