Is it still cheating if I don’t get caught?

There is an excellent piece by Fairfax media doing the rounds this weekend that looks at the problems Macquarie Bank seems to have complying with the law and the difficulties its financial planning division has in acting honestly. The thrust of the story is that Macquarie has been the subject of an enforceable undertaking due to…

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They Made Me Do It

I came across this article and the end part which I have copied below caught me eye. Australian regulations under fire In the wake of the global financial crisis, the United States put a handbrake on the retail foreign exchange industry, limiting it to a maximum leverage ratio of 50:1. However, in Australia, foreign currency…

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The Value Of The Long Game

All market participants have little myths that they cling to and it doesn’t matter whether your investing is based upon the narrative fallacies generated by fundamental investing/news or whether you take a more technical approach. All humans are subject to inaccuracies in thinking – making mental mistakes is universal. One that has always intrigued me…

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Fact Of The Day

The Large Hadron Collider is the largest machine ever built with a circumference of 27 kilometres and when operating at full power particles whiz around the circumference 11,000 times per second.

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Are You Mentally Tough?

The athletes identified 12 key attributes as key to mental toughness in sport, ranked in order of importance: Unshakeable self-belief in your ability to achieve competition goals(“Mental toughness is about your self belief and not being shaken from your path. . . . It is producing the goods and having the self belief in your…

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My Office Gym

The perils of being sedentary and its associated lack of movement are well documented – you dont need to be Einstein to realise that doing nothing all day is bad for you. However, as with trading folks find any number of excuses not to move or do anything. One of the arguments I often encounter…

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Baby boomers receiving generic financial advice.

This little piece interested me and I don’t have any real problem with its basic thrust which is that the financial planning industry is failing its clients in search of revenue. After all, this is an industry that lobbied hard not to be forced to act in the best interest of the client. However, my…

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The power of story

The stories we tell ourselves are integral to our wellbeing, too. Depressed people often cling to long-established internal narratives with refrains like ‘I’m not good enough to achieve much,’ or ‘My mother dashes all my most important dreams.’ Counsellors who practice psychodynamic therapy help clients discard these stagnant inner monologues and substitute fresh ones. In…

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I grabbed the piece below from a social drivel site because it neatly explores something I spoke about in Sydney last week. This offers a paradox in that it attempts to explain something that needs no explanation and the explanation it offers is wrong. I say that the movement in the market requires no explanation…

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