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Disappearance on Mount Marathon Does Biology Make us Liars? Wall Street’s Forgotten Victims Have Some Advice Half of the Facts You Know Are Probably Wrong The Global Arbitrage of Online Work The Ultimate Guide To Memory      

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Moneyball and Medicine

I came across the following article in the New England Journal of Medicine and it looks at the difficulties of getting evidenced based medicine on a firm footing. The article uses the book/film Moneyball to highlight how hard it is to get people to think in a mechanistic way instead of using intuition/magical thinking. The…

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Bear Market May Begin Tuesday….

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (MarketWatch) — Will the bull market come to an end on Oct. 9? Don’t laugh. It turns out that two of the most prominent market turning points of the last decade occurred on this very date. The first was the beginning of the 2002-07 bull market, which occurred Oct. 9, 2002. The…

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Charles Bukowski

Bukowski was often cited as the voice of the working man – a sort of blue collar poet/philosopher. Friends of mine often comment that they would like my lifestyle. My response to them is the same as my response to the above quote. Dont like your life or what it entails then f#^cken do something…

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I have been banging on lately about the lack of courage/commitment of many in equities markets. The little graph below is related to and online survey run by the WSJ It asks specifically what which fund investing mistake have you most often made? Whilst the question relates to the buying and selling of mutual funds…

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I had the misfortune to visit one of our larger hospitals today and once again was staggered at the number of people who seem to be on deaths door, incurable, got a condition completely unknown to medical science,  have the worst case of whatever unknown disease that medical science has ever seen or just in…

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Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All

So said Vince Lombardi a former NFL coach and whilst the quote is directed towards athletic endevour it can be equally applied to any manner of performance based activity that tests the individual.Over the past few months I have noticed this exact same phenomena in trading – the fatigue of several years of sideways markets…

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Be A Pig

In trading there comes a time when you have to be a pig. That is you get after a trend with everything you have because you know that such opportunities are rare. Being able to do this is the hallmark of a trader. Too often traders are scared of rapidly moving markets and instead of…

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Eastbay is one of my favourite online shop, excellent range, tremendous service and prices that indicate how much local retailers have been stealing from us for years. They also regularly run specials like the one attached. So use it yourself or share it around. PS: Gerry Harvey can get stuffed – interesting to note that…

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