Taming The Bear – Ausbiz Event

I was so excited when my friend, Carl Capolingua asked if I’d be on the panel for this incredible ausbiz event called ‘Taming The Bear’. It will be great to share the virtual stage with Mandi Rafsendjani and Mathan Somasundaram. We’re going to be talking about the key strategies you can use in a bear market to thrive. Plus I’ll be…

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Market Meltdown

LB and I recently had the chance to sit down with 40 year veteran Bubba Horwitz of Bubba Trading  See what he has to say about the current market below –  

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Grab Your Free Expo Tickets

Louise says: I’m so excited to be presenting at The Virtual Disruptor Expo From July 20th – July 22nd, I’ll be available at our cute little virtual booth and I’ll be presenting at 1.00pm on July 20th. You’ll ‘Learn How to Spot an Uptrend Almost Immediately’. I can’t wait to hear your views, and…

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The Law of Reversed Effort

You’re lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to cars go by. You have no idea how long you have been like this, but it must be a few hours, at least. Go to sleep, you tell yourself. Just close your eyes and: Go. To. Sleep. You shut your eyes tight, force your body to relax, and…

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What a 51% Win Rate Looks Like

One of the most vexing issues for novice traders is the notion that you will not be right most of the time – in real trading, you will be wrong an awful lot. This notion of being consistently wrong but also successful seems like a paradox that many cannot resolve. It runs counter to all…

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Where Does Inflation Come From?

As you may know, I am no economist – I am not even an aspiring economist. My thoughts on the profession of economics are well known. However, I do like data and I do like asking questions about the data I find. I was reviewing the performance of a basket of commodities over the last…

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About 200 Years Ago, The World Started Getting Rich. Why?

You can crudely tell the story of our species in three stages. In the first, which lasted for the vast majority of our time on Earth, from the emergence of Homo sapiens over 300,000 years ago to about 12,000 years ago, humans lived largely nomadic lifestyles, subsisting through hunting and foraging for food. In the second, lasting from…

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How the Brain ‘Constructs’ the Outside World

As a young course instructor in seminars for medical students, I faithfully taught neurophysiology by the book, enthusiastically explaining how the brain perceives the world and controls the body. Sensory stimuli from the eyes, ears, and such are converted to electrical signals and then transmitted to the relevant parts of the sensory cortex that process…

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Bear Markets Are a Test of Investor Emotions

In a bear market it can be impossible to escape the pervasive negativity. Not only will our portfolios be falling in value, but there is likely to be an incessant flow of news highlighting the harsh realities of the prevailing backdrop. Dealing with this is not just an uncomfortable experience, it changes how and why we…

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Make Peace With Your Unlived Life

Tina was at a crossroads. Her daughter had recently left for college, and her husband had his own pursuits. And although she’d once enjoyed banking, she now bore little interest in her work. For some time, she had been asking herself whether she should quit. But what would her colleagues and bosses think of her?…

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