Facebook IPO

Two interesting graphics from the NYT comparing Facebook to other tech IPO’s The original link is worth clicking on since it has a nice little interactive graphic that looks at a range of post IPO outcomes.

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When you run a business that has any sort of public profile you get all sorts of emails, some insightful, some interesting but most are by nutbags. Generally these mental cases confine themselves to gibbering on about the end of the world, the coming great depression or some other conspiracy. However rarely do we get…

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Is Bigger Better?

This seems oddly appropriate given the post below on obesity. Within the world of managed funds be they hedge funds, private funds, alternative investments or mutual funds there is an observation that performance drops off with size. The traditional arc of the life of a managed investment is that a new manager pops ups, generates…

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A Mathematical Challenge To Obesity

You are an M.I.T.-trained mathematician and physicist. How did you come to work on obesity? In 2004, while on the faculty of the math department at the University of Pittsburgh, I married. My wife is a Johns Hopkins ophthalmologist, and she would not move. So I began looking for work in the Beltway area. Through…

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I had long been curious as to where Australia sat in terms of its pricing of petrol but was too lazy to put together a list. Fortunately Bloomberg has saved me the trouble. Most expensive gas ranking: Price per gallon of premium gasoline: Norway $9.69 Denmark $9.37 Italy $9.35 Netherland $9.35 Greece $9.23 Sweden $8.97…

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Alec Baldwin Talks To Joseph Stiglitz

Also worth a listen… This week on Here’s the Thing, Alec talks about the financial crisis with Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize-winning economist. Stiglitz shows no restraint when unleashing criticism of presidential policies — on both sides. Of President Barack Obama’s financial-industry rescue plan, Stiglitz said that whomever designed it was “either in the pocket of…

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Marx At 193

Well worth a listen to – Consider these passages from The Communist Manifesto, which Marx wrote with Engels in 1848, after being kicked out of both France and Germany for his political writings: Capitalism has subjected the country to the rule of the towns. It has created enormous cities. Capitalism has agglomerated population, centralised means of…

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It Pays To Be A Clever Clogs

Apparently, this paper was written by a physicist in response to him receiving a traffic fine. It is said that he was both successful in his defence and received a $400 special prize for the paper

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