Ever So Calm

This is the VIX over the past few years – as you can see the market seems to have calmed right down to historically low levels.  

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Poor Returns….Again

There appears to be a growing realisation that fund managers of all ilk are simply not delivering the returns they are being paid for. In fact the evidence seems to indicate that the majority of managers (>95%) are actually a drag on the performance of any given fund. Whilst, we tend to look as this…

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Deceptive Headline Of The Year…..So Far

Large Hedge Funds Fared Well in 2011 Apparently they didn’t – their managers did. I have written about this disconnect before, here and here There is a remarkable and somewhat unsavoury difference between what the people who run hedge funds make and what the people who invest in hedge funds make. As an example consider…

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A Sign Of Life

At last some vague sign of life – the marked bars represent 52 day highs so at least the market has made a modestly pathetic attempt at making new highs. As opposed to other world markets that have been making successively new highs in the past few months.

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A Tale Of Two Brains

I am currently reading the excellent Who’s in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain which delves into the nature of consciousness and free will. Like all good cross over science books it can be read by the lay person without much difficulty. Whilst follow up on a chapter on split brain surgery I…

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I have been watching the latest US rally with some interest and each night when I review the markets I notice an interesting thing. The rally is extremely lumpy in its distribution. Have a look at the graph below which compares the rally in the major US indices to the FTSE100, ASX 200 and the…

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I found these two neat little charts courtesy of the OECD Strategic Infrastructure Needs to 2030 which seems to have been assembled by a cast of thousands. This first chart looks at competitiveness versus quality of infrastructure. As you can see in terms of the OECD we are only just hanging in there and we…

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Apple Versus Priceline

With all the talk of astronomical prices predicted for Apple my attention was drawn to this comparison. At this stage my money would be on Priceline to hit the magic $1,000 mark.

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Why Do Traders Fail To Make Money?

Let me state at the outset of this article that in terms of the number of rules involved in its successful execution trading is the simplest profession on earth. There are only two basic rules in trading. They are if the price is trending up over the time frame you are interested in then you…

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