Real Versus Absolute

As you know I am a bit of a fan of people lifting really heavy things – the Worlds Strongest Man Competition is compulsory viewing in my house. Who doesn’t love a sport that has the worlds lowest participation rate but also the worlds highest injury rate? Over the weekend an Icelandic giant who has…

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Lets See How That Works Out For You.

  The chart below appeared on my LinkedIn feed and it shows the comparison between Zoom Technologies and Zoom Video Communications since the beginning of the pandemic. The image was also accompanied by this post – Its a somewhat snarky dig at investors who confused the two groups with the wonderful advice that you should…

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Talking Heads Fear of Music

Fear of Music, the third album by Talking Heads, begins at maximum velocity and minimum warmth. Congas, funk guitar, chirping synths: Everything is in motion, and yet curiously, nothing seems to be moving. A guitar figure like a crying baby keeps tripping the song’s downbeat, and in the closing seconds, a phased guitar line comes in played by Robert Fripp,…

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The Switch in Your Brain That Turns Down Stress

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a technique that would allow us to vanquish fear and beat back stress? There just might be. In his latest book, The Wedge, bestselling author Scott Carney explains that when humans face challenging situations, our automatic responses tend to make us feel terrible. But the good news is that there are…

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Where To Now?

As we weather the COVID-19 storm thoughts invariably turn to what life will look like after the storm passes and as luck would have it there is no shortage of economists to tell us what life will be like. Most of their prognostications seem to fall somewhere between being the last person on the Titanic…

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The Largest Stock in the S&P500

The chart below comes from Bianco Research via The Irrelevant Investor and it shows a potted history of the largest stocks in the S&P500 over the past 60 years. I always find things like this fascinating as they reinforce the understanding that your history is not the only history. Traders who began their careers this…

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QAV Investing Podcast

Last week I had the pleasure of spending some time with  Tony Kynaston and Cameron Reilly of QAV. What is always interesting when speaking to successful investors is the number of similarities they share across the board. At first glance, you would not expect successful value investors such as Tony and Cameron to have much…

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