Expectation Versus Reality

Trading presents us with a unique paradox in that we have to be confident enough to attempt to undertake it but not so confident that we blow ourselves up. Unfortunately, most new traders fall into the category of how hard could it be. The majority of new traders have what I would call a here…

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Nasdaq Bubble?

With the Nasdaq moving to challenge its all time high the question being asked is whether this bull run and move to new highs is a bubble. From my perspective the question is pointless since whether a market could be defined as being in a bubble or not is a function of whatever narrative you…

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A Tale Of Two Markets

If you look at the performance of the broader Australian market since the GFC you see a market that has relative to other world markets been modest in its gains. The chart below looks at the performance of the S&P/ASX 200 against a variety of other markets. The lack of energy in the broader index…

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The Long Marriage of Mindfulness and Money

Meditation, like yoga before it, has been fully assimilated into corporate America. Aetna, General Mills, and Goldman Sachs all offer their employees free in-office meditation training. In January, the Times reported on a packed panel at Davos where members of the global élite “professed that meditation gave them a competitive advantage.” Speaking to Bloomberg, a meditation instructor…

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The Transformative Effects of Reading

Reading a book is the closest we can come to sharing the mind of a great thinker. After all, what is a book but thoughts transcribed? Spend a lot of time with great people and we cannot help but be transformed by the experience. If you want to become a more interesting person, with a…

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