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Ebola and Innumeracy

The current awful situation with Ebola interests me not only from the perspective of  a past professional life but also because of the profound idiocy that surrounds the disease. I had been looking around for a piece that encapsulates the actual facts about Ebola and as chance would have it a More or Less podcast has…

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Desert Island Discs

I have long been a fan of Desert Island Discs on he BBC So I thought as a thought experiment it might be interesting to see what I would select and to look at my rationale for doing so. So in no particular order of importance. 1. London Calling – The Clash. Who would have…

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Hedge Fund Rich List

Forbes have once again produced their annual rich list and once again hedge fund and alternative investment managers are over represented. To steal from Winston Churchill – never in the field of human endevour has so much been paid to so few for so little.  

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Another Lesson In Volatility

Recently, I happened across an article that claimed that the local markets was going up because volatility had gone up this year. After careful consideration I thought…BULLSHIT. This touches on a topic that always irritates the living daylights out of me – volatility and trend are not the same thing and only people who have…

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Women And Trading

I have been pondering this article by LB and the wider notion that according to a few peanuts some forms of knowledge might be sex linked. Even this blog has not been immune from sexism. My note on the first women to win a Fields Medal attracted the usual dickhead comment from a reader. Working…

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Seven Bad Ideas

In “Seven Bad Ideas: How Mainstream Economists Have Damaged America and the World,” Jeff Madrick — a contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine and a frequent writer on matters economic — argues that the professional failures since 2008 didn’t come out of the blue but were rooted in decades of intellectual malfeasance. As a practicing and,…

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Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street

Technology entrepreneurship will never have the power to displace big Wall Street banks in the central nervous system of America’s youth, in part because tech entrepreneurship requires the practitioner to have an original idea, or at least to know something about computers, but also because entrepreneurship doesn’t offer the sort of people who wind up…

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Some Things Never Change

A few weeks ago I took LB’s youngest off to her first Tae Kwon Do class – she is a dab had at Japanese Jujitsu and the thought of actually kicking people in the head appealed to her (as it should). So as the resident expert on such things I did a bit of research…

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