YTD Performance

As we sail past the half way point of the year I thought I look in the rear view mirror might be interesting to see how a few select markets have performed. There are no prizes for guessing that the local market has been shit.  

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Maryam Mirzakhani

I first wrote about Maryam Mirzakhani when see became the first women to win a Fields Medal in mathematics.  Sadly a few weeks ago she lost her battle with cancer aged 40 – the world needs more special minds not fewer but disease of any kind owes no one any favours. For those interested in…

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The Unexpected Antidote To Procrastination

A recent early morning hike in Malibu, California, led me to a beach, where I sat on a rock and watched surfers. I marveled at these courageous men and women who woke before dawn, endured freezing water, paddled through barreling waves, and even risked shark attacks, all for the sake of, maybe, catching an epic…

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Fun And Games

Recently LB and I have been doing the Short Term Trading Magic seminars in a few places and it has been sometime since I did any form of presentation on a semi regular basis. As such it has been interesting to observe people as they work through various trading issues. One of the things I…

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Six destructive habits that could be holding you back

We’re having a ‘Michael Yardney binge’ today. Here’s another article from our great property mate. I’ll hand it over to Michael now… I am a big fan of habits. Good ones that is. Of course, not all habits are productive ones. Some are bad for us, they stop us from succeeding, and they reinforce negative…

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The key to financial freedom? Finding your mentor.

We have a special blog article for you today from guest author – Michael Yardney. Our ‘unreasonable friend’, property expert, and thought leader.   The key to financial freedom? Finding your mentor – by Michael Yardney   When we think of entrepreneurs we often think of trailblazers forging ahead on their own, someone who’s doing…

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Apparently Its All Over For Commodities

Commodities form an important part of my trading universe, in fact as a I par back my universe of instruments they form a more and more integral part of what I do. This pivotal role occurs for a few reasons ranging from ease of trading, price discovery and familiarity. The first trade I ever did…

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A Man in a Hurry: Claude Shannon’s New York Years

….English philosopher George Henry Lewes once observed that “genius is rarely able to give an account of its own processes.” This seems to have been true of Shannon, who could neither explain himself to others, nor cared to. In his work life, he preferred solitude and kept his professional associations to a minimum. Robert Fano, a later collaborator…

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Sovereign Wealth

I do hold a more than passing fascination with the idea of Sovereign Wealth Funds – I find the idea of a nation being a custodian of the wealth of the nation to be intriguing. I am also interested ( read fucken appalled) in how badly managed our resources are. For example in 2021 it…

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