Whilst a variety of peanuts bang on about how magic Fibonacci numbers enable one to predict the market his true contribution to the West has been lost in a plethora of pseudo science,  gibberish and fluff that would not be out of place in a women’s magazine.

Michael Burry

If you have taken the time to read Michael Lewis’ The Big Short you will be familiar with the name Michael Burry. Burry is a former neurologist turned hedge fund manager who was one of the few individuals who foresaw the collapse in the CDO market. This is a Bloomberg piece on Burry and the…


Melt Up?

I suppose the opposite of the much talked about meltdown is a melt up – although in some ways it does sound a bit much like those very ordinary sandwiches the yanks have that contain orange cheese. These large outside days are interesting because of what they do to systems. They are often big enough…


Just Looking

Have you ever fired up the Google box for the purposes of finding something pertinent and relevant to your next task only to find yourself four hours later amazed by your new found knowledge that a crocodile cannot stick out its tongue or that there is no Betty Rubble in The Flintstones chewable vitamins. Seeking…