At the Money: Lose the Noise

A constant stream of noise distracts investors: earnings reports, news releases, upgrades, downgrades, economic data, geopolitics. How should we best manage this firehose of distractions? Larry Swedrow, head of financial and economic research at Buckingham Strategic Wealth, speaks with Barry Ritholtz about managing through the noise.

Stillness and The Art of Trading

Following a few recent conversations with both new traders who don’t yet know the correct path and older traders who have strayed I thought this was worth a repop. One of the most persistent things in traders is the desire to be doing something. There is a perennial confusion between effective activity and activity for…


When An Edge Fails.

All traders require an edge and this edge should persist over time, it should not be reliant on special initial conditions or luck. The chart below shows an edge that has failed for the past two decades. This compares Warren Buffet’s performance via his vehicle BRKA versus SPY an S&P500 ETF. As can be seen…