Open versus Closed

Interesting chat on the mentor forum this weekend regarding open equity, that is the value of your positions measured to the current close versus valuing positions to the level of their stops. This discussion was prompted by the following graphic I posted which looks at one of the advisory service portfolios. This portfolio trades a…


Madoff Revisited

Excellent podcast on Bernie Madoff who has become something of a lightning rod for all of Wall Streets sins. It is interesting that all the red flags that were raised to Madoff including the excellent work by forensic accountant Harry Markopoulos were ignored.

Banker Pay

Apparently $1.6 million is not a lot to get by on…….. WSJ …. The paymaster noted that median precrisis pay was about $2.2 million a year. On average, some $200,000 came in base pay, with the remaining $2 million coming in an annual bonus, about 60% of which was paid in cash. That is roughly…


I Love a Good Chart

This is from Chart of the Day who occasionally produce some interesting charts – although most of the time they are obscure things such as measuring GDP in gherkins The chart below is the  long term inflation adjusted median price of US housing. Not only did housing prices increase at a rapid rate from 1991…