Why We Screw Up?

Psychologist: Why we screw up when the heat is on Psychologist Sian Beilock has investigated what happens in the brain when our performance crumbles under pressure. She talked to Tiffany O’Callaghan about what it takes to stay on form under stress, and why being smarter can be more hindrance than help What made you want to research…



The need for certainty is innately human. Unfortunately, markets cannot provide this certainty so we attempt to craft it by imposing a set of predicted outcomes upon a market that cares little for our predictions. As our predictions are proved incorrect, we adjust them to suit the market thereby never having to admit that we…



I was recently reading the Cooper report on superannuation in Australia and several things jumped out at me from this report. Several are quite telling in what they reflect about peoples capacity to make long term informed decisions and several about the investment industry itself. According to the Cooper Review the average superannuation balance in…


A Quiz?

And the question of the day is. What’s the one thing we will probably never build in Australia in my lifetime? If you answered a high speed rail network you win the internet. However, the good thing is that Australian Governments don’t have a monopoly on short sighted cretinism. The same debate is occurring in…


Sad Bastards

Can someone tell me who are all these sad bastards who are sending me invitation to Linkedin. Is it common practice to send invites to people you don’t know? If you read this blog stop sending them to me before I sign you up to transexual dating service.