The current bubble in social media companies is fascinating to watch and has all the hallmarks of every bubble since the Dutch Tulip boom. I have had a voyeuristic interest in Groupon for some time. I have a mate whose extended family is involved in a similar venture domestically – which has proved to be…


While On The Topic Of Bubbles

Market efficiency, anticipation and the formation of bubbles-crashes A dynamical model is introduced for the formation of a bullish or bearish trends driving an asset price in a given market. Initially, each agent decides to buy or sell according to its personal opinion, which results from the combination of its own private information, the public…


Simple Heresy

Piece from Science Week about how very simple decision making processes are trumping very complex financial machinations. My favourite part – Given a portfolio of the same 50 stocks, an investor would need to wait 500 years before Markowitz’s Nobel-winning formula yielded superior returns to 1/N, the researchers estimated.



I am a bit of a fitness app connoisseur and like the idea of keeping all my data in one spot but since I am not of the narcissistic generation I would probably untick the box that saws spill my guts and share every aspect of my life with everyone else on the planet.

Millionaire Households

If you were asked to generate a list of which countries had the most millionaires as a percentage of their population would you have come up with this list. Proportion of millionaire household by market 1. Singapore         15.5% 2. Switzerland        9.9% 3. Qatar                    8.9% 4. Hong…