Following on from my earlier posting regarding economics not being a science and being more akin to superstition I thought I would have a little look at the nature of superstition and I came across the following by Betrand Russell. Uncertainty in the presence of vivid hopes and fears, is painful but must be endured…


HFT Review

I have to admit I am not certain where I sit on the notion of algorithmic trading or HFT. It is often portrayed as a form of electronic front running – merely a high tech way for broking firms to steal from clients. I have to admit I have some sympathy with this view. However,…



This struck me as intriguing I am going to have to go away and think about this some more. From Bloomberg “What does today’s stock rally equal in past markets? About half as much. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) reached 12,045.68, up 490.05 points from yesterday’s close. Adjusting for the market’s volatility in 2011,…


The Other Paulson and Insider Trading

If you don’t already understand why people are pissed at Wall Street this piece might help you out a little. It details a somewhat cosy chat between Hank Paulson (US Treasury Secretary) and a group of hedge fund managers/brokers where Paulson discloses non public details regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Groupon…..What a Bust

Groupon the darling of the social media buyer groups listed this month and it has been a bust. The stock is now trading at a substantial discount to the IPO. Granted the market has been crap but Groupon has been crappier         I have written about this phenomena before and the questionable strategy of…