Apollo 11

I have been enjoying the 45th anniversary celebrations of the flight of Apollo 11. My favourite to date has been this piece by The Atlantic, simply because of the quality of the images. To view them in all their magnificence make certain you click the little 1280 px radio button above the first image.

Dow Analysis

In light of the appalling events of last week it is instructive to look at the markets reaction to such news and to see what can be learnt about the psychology of markets. In analysing what went on in the least two days of the week it is necessary to set aside ones emotions about…



Once upon a time I used to believe that trading was an information management profession but I have slowly begun to change my opinion. Trading has become a noise management profession – noise is everywhere in trading and its influence is becoming more pronounced as time marches on. When I first became interested in markets…


Do Incentive Fees Signal Skill?

Yeah….no…..maybe….ah…apparently not…. We examine the relation between incentive fees and hedge fund performance. In an industry where information asymmetries (and the consequent risk of agency problems) are severe, the efficacy of such outcomes-based contracting to align investor and manager interests is of fundamental importance to investors. Consistent with theory, we find that the higher a hedge fund’s incentive…