Having watched the energetic expansion of the Indian economy over the past few years I have often wondered whether the inherent racism of the caste system and the inefficiencies of a colonial bureaucracy would eventual lead to structural problems that might bring the entire expansion phase undone. Apparently it is – BANGALORE, India—Call-center company 24/7…


Murphy’s Laws

John Murphy has been a technical analyst on both TV and for for decades. He has also published numerous books (read odes to magic tools) on the subject. The following are a set of rules he generated. Compare these rules to those of Michael Steinhardt and remember Steinhardt was an actual trader with an…



I have posted before about the lack of sleep on high performance. This interesting ditty from the WSJ looks at those folks who dont seem to need much in the way of sleep but still manage to perform well.

CFDs again

Recently an article popped up on our Mentor Program graduate forum by Scott Pape who writes for the Herald Sun in Melbourne and undoubtedly it was syndicated nationally. Traditionally, I tend to let these sort of things slide simply because of the standing of the Herald Sun somewhere between a Harvey Norman catalogue, a chip…