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CFDs - A Complete Guide

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author: Chris Tate
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In this exciting, revolutionary manual, Chris Tate takes you through all aspects of trading Contracts For Difference (CFDs) from the ground up. 

These instruments have turned the investment world upside-down. 

Discover how to gear up your portfolio with minimal risk, and trade shares and indices from Australia, Europe, the US and the UK. These tools with also allow you to profit from Currencies, Foreign Exchange, Gold and other Commodities. This manual takes will expand upon concepts that were touched on in the Power Trading - Trade CFD's Like a Professional CD set. If you're serious about making money regardless of the market direction, and laughing heartily as the sharemarket drops from the sky, you owe it to yourself to drain every bit of value from this incredible resource. To give you a taste about what Chris will reveal, here is the Chapter Index:

Contracts for Difference 

  • Introduction
  • Who sets the prices?
  • Example
  • CFDs versus traditional trading


  • Definition
  • How much can I trade?
  • Managing position sizes
  • Gearing


  • Psychology of Losing
  • Types of stops & examples

Index Trading 

  • Why trade Indices?
  • Costs & position sizing
  • Mini contracts & options

Foreign Exchange Trading 

  • Pairs, majors, minors & exotics
  • Quoting conventions
  • Examples

Designing a CFD system 

  • System design Survival

Performance Measures 

  • Data collection
  • Drawdown
  • Quiz

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When you purchase CFDs - A Complete Guide you will also receive Trading Game Forum membership for 3 months (value $80.00), free of charge. The Trading Game forum has a dedicated CFD thread where you can ask questions of Chris, Louise and other CFD experts. 

Rave Reviews

Here is what some traders have to say about Chris Tate's methods: 

I just finished Chris' section from his CFD manual on leverage AND I LOVE IT. With my affinity for leverage I’ve often looked at margin loans etc but I could never reconcile how to work it with risk management. When I read the chapter related to this, the lights went on. Thanks for such a brilliant resource! - Ian Milburn, Consultant, Victoria

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$349.00(inc GST)

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