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Package Subscription Update Time Final Note
Equities End-of-day 4.25pm Times are Australian Eastern Standard time unless otherwise noted
Snapshots 11.25am The earliest possible time at which snapshots are available is 20 minutes after the hour. The update times are given as 25 minutes past the hour to allow some margin for error.
4.35pm This snapshot marks the end of regular trading hours. Subsequent snapshots include volumes for off-market trades and account for changed prices in the event of extended trading hours in any security or securities.
5.25pm This snapshot does not update index information.
8.25pm The final snapshot. In the event that you choose not to download this snapshot, or are away, it will be used in your next update as the record of the day’s trading.
World Indices End-of-day 9.00am World Indices are updated approximately 2 1/2 hours after the close of trading in New York.
10.00am Daylight-saving time
World Futures
SFE (preliminary) 7.30pm 7.30pm*
Pacific Rim and European Markets 7.30am

(following morning)

North American (preliminary) 10.00am
Final for all markets

(including North American)


(following morning)

These updates are incremental, each building on the previous until the Final Edition covers everything.*Day-light saving time traditionally commences late October and lasts through to late March. A preliminary Final Edition is published during these months to place the Australian market open in the perspective of such North American information as is already available. This information is unchecked.Users may access our data servers as often as they like.

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Security Types

See this page for a table outlining the various security types covered by the service, along with a description of each type.

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