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Candlestick Charting Home Study Course

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"Who says earning money is not important.
Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you choices.
Most importantly, it can buy you a future."

If you've been looking for a professional trader with the runs on the board to help you finesse your trading plan, then this may be the most important information you've ever read.

Louise Bedford has put her heart and soul into creating the Candlestick Charting Home Study Course for you. It's designed to complement the information presented in her book The Secret of Candlestick Charting. If you have an intermediate understanding of candlesticks patterns and technical analysis, this course will take you a step further in developing your analytical skills and reveal hidden pockets of profit in the sharemarket that other traders just step over. After immersing yourself in this course, you'll see them, find them, and pick up those profits, again and again and again. The skills will be yours to keep for a lifetime.

Kick-Start Your Results

This Home Study Course is in the form of a workbook and is broken into two broad sections; Analysis and Strategy. In the `Analysis' section, you will receive a quick crash course to remind you about the main powerful candlestick patterns. It is assumed that you will have read and internalised the principles presented in `The Secret of Candlestick Charting'. Although it is not absolutely necessary, it would also be an advantage to have read Louise's latest book `Trading Secrets'.

The `Strategy' section discusses stop losses, pyramiding, and using candlesticks in conjunction with short selling. `Trading Secrets' will assist in building your knowledge of short selling as a strategy, in addition to providing a firm foundation in many of the other important aspects of trading eg discipline, money management, measurement of performance etc. The Candlesticks Home Study Course will provide you with a chance to practice and build on your accumulated knowledge about all aspects of using candlesticks to boost your trading results.

Here is what Louise has to say about this course:

"Whenever I've paid for a course or a book, I expect to get good value for money. In some situations I have complained that I haven't learned anything new. In other publications, I have found the information exciting and innovative, but when I've sought to apply it, the concepts were too abstract to apply in real trading situations.

I am determined to give you real value with this course, because I'm providing you with my own personal methods of trading the market. If this course saves you money, makes you a mind-blowing profit or gives you the courage to pull the trigger - then I feel that I have done my job."

Louise Bedford

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The DVD or the Candlesticks Home Study Course?

As you may know, Louise also has The Secret of Candlestick Charting DVD set available. The DVD set is designed for the introductory to intermediate level. It covers the information in the book, introduces you to a few new candlestick patterns (that are also covered in the Home Study Course), and takes you through macro patterns such as double tops/bottoms etc. If you're just starting trading or have up to 6 months experience, it will be the right product for you. It's a simple, easy to watch and easy to follow production to help you define your entry signals with precision. The Home Study Course is designed for the intermediate to advanced level. It has exercises to test your knowledge, and also takes you through setting stops, position sizing, and performance measurement. (The DVD doesn't cover those areas at all).

The Home Study Course is probably even more comprehensive than the DVD set, but relies a little more on your motivation to follow through, (because DVDs are easier to watch than actually doing a course). The Home Study Course is more of an all-round experience as it already assumes a high level of knowledge about candlesticks.

Both the DVD and the Home Study Course come with forum membership so you can have your questions answered if you get stuck. The DVD has 6 months membership and the Home Study Course comes with 12 months. The Secret of Candlestick Charting book is definitely a pre-requisite for the Home Study Course, but you could probably watch the DVD without reading the book.

Rave Reviews

Here is what some traders have to say about Louise's methods:

"Louise Bedford is such a superb trainer. She has the knack of turning a seemingly complex subject into something understandable and enjoyable, but more importantly into something very profitable. No rocket science involved; just simple concepts and rules, delivered so well anyone can understand. The only pre-requisite is the ability to count your profits. After only six months trading the Louise Bedford way, I felt really comfortable with her methods, and my bank balance was a lot healthier to boot."

Barbara Nunan, Adelaide, IT Consultant

"I am a mother of 2 toddlers and was looking for a career change to fit in with my busy lifestyle. I decided share trading was the career and with the help of Louise’s Home Study Course it has sped up my learning curve.

Louise’s Home Study Course has helped me develop a great trading plan to kick-start my career. It emphasized the 4 critical areas I needed to have in my trading plan:- Setups, Entry, Exits and Position Sizing. The course listed the guidelines to be included in each key area for both buying shares and short selling shares.

One thing which I particularly find useful and have on my desk is the Candlestick Pattern Review which is included in the course.

Louise's Candlestick Charting Home Study Course has helped me become a successful trader today, and I still get to spend a lot of time with my little girls."

Grace Liptak, Sydney, Full-time trader

"Thank you, Louise, for the Candlesticks Home Study Course. Your interpretation and presentation of the use of Candlesticks has taught me how to interpret share charts and has helped me to understand the psychology of the markets. Being a visual person, I can now easily see the life story of each share.

The Home Study Course was also very helpful in defining and clarifying the strategies I have used in my Trading Plan. It was fun to read (like all your books), had enough exercises to keep me on my toes and to reinforce the lessons, but not so many that I was overwhelmed.

I particularly liked the new candlestick patterns you described and the section on Short Selling has opened up a whole new strategy for me. The section on Expectancy helped me to finally understand it. I have quantified my trading results so far using expectancy. This gives me a meaningful benchmark for measuring my future success."

Jude Fowler, Sydney, Full-time Trader

These traders are achieving sensational results as a direct result of this home study course. Rev up your learning curve and join the professionals.

And Just Think...

Soon, you'll be in a position to call the shots and trade the way you want to trade. You'll be ready to start a brand new life, one filled with hope, excitement and confidence, so that you can begin living life on your own terms. Become an exceptional trader, and you'll never look back.

An Incredible Free Bonus!

As well as receiving the Home Study Course, you will be given 1 year of personal support via The Trading Game Forum. You will be able to ask questions to Louise Bedford and Chris Tate directly and receive prompt answers to your queries.

You will find this Home Study Course to be incredibly good value, especially if you haven't been able to attend one of Louise's Candlestick Charting courses, or even if you would like to cement the principles presented. The Home Study Course actually extends the principles presented in the one day course, and fully explores several new concepts such as short selling, and setting stops.

Buy your Candlestick Charting Home Study Course today, and lock in some of the profits that other traders are achieving!

$695.00(inc GST)
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