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Mentor Program Alumni - Lifer

$1.00(inc GST)
TOTAL RRP: $3497.00

First payment of $1.00, then instalments of $1748.00 paid per month, for a total of $3497.00

product code: AL1
author: Chris Tate, Louise Bedford and past Mentorees
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Calling all Mentor Program Graduates...

Swim Between the Flags and Become a member of the Mentor Program Alumni family. Continual Support, Advanced Strategies, Focused Profit-Making.

As an Alumni Lifer you get:

#1 Your first month's membership for just a crazy $1! For the next 2 months, we will arrange for two payments of $1,748 to be securely, automatically deducted from your credit card, with no hassle on your part - so you'll never have to worry (the total Alumni Lifer fee is $3,497). You'll never have to pay another cent for support as a Mentor Program Graduate.

And what do you get for your Alumni Lifer fee? You get unprecedented levels of support.

You'll receive:

  • Alumni Forum Membership for life (usual value $49.97 per month ongoing). I'll tell you more about this in just a minute.
  • 1 x 30 minute life-line call with either Chris or Louise (your choice) in your first 12 months. Just contact Chris or Louise when you're ready for your call to arrange a mutually agreeable time (usual value $750). Available to first 10 to order.
  • 1 x Trading Plan Evaluation in your first 12 months. Simply send your plan to Chris or Louise and allow a minimum of 1 week turnaround time (usual value $995).
  • 1 x Lifeline Home Study Course of your choice. Just email Louise at once you're a 'Lifer' with your choice of either the Candlestick Charting Home Study Course ($695), the CFDs - A Complete Guide manual ($349), or Chris Tate's Cutting Edge Commodities Online Video Series ($695).

Total value (based on an average Alumni membership of 5 years): $5,238.20.

You're receiving bonuses to the total value of your initial investment, so it's like you are getting the Alumni Forum membership for free!

We know for a fact that traders who stick with us for 5 years as a minimum derive the best results. We want you to have lifetime membership of our Alumni so you'll always be up to date with the latest techniques and market strategies. If, through your own personal trading, you're looking to only cover your investment as an Alumni Lifer, you're thinking way too small!

We want to give you the best possible chance of escaping from the drudge, and this is it.

#2 Access to all of the past Mentorees via the exclusive, private Alumni Forum, so you can learn from their mistakes as well as their triumphs. Plus, you'll have a safe place to test out your own ideas, before putting them into practice.

#3 Three valuable bonus resources to drive your trading to the next level. These are yours to watch and listen to, free of charge, even in the unlikely event that you decide that you would no longer like to be a part of the Alumni family. After your 1-month, $1 trial, you can cancel with no questions asked. However, I'll bet you'll be like the majority of Mentorees - eager to learn more, thirsty for support, and fully aware of the gold mine that you have in your hands.

The bonuses you'll receive are:
1) a 3-month kick-start series of new videos created by Chris Tate for all our new graduates.
2) a podcast where I interview past Mentoree and psychiatrist Marty Ewer on how to Reprogram Your Mind
3) and my video called What Were You Thinking? to train your brain so you’ll become a superbly effective trader.

#4 Special advanced warning about when Chris and I are running other events, so you can be first-in, best-dressed. Plus, from time to time, we'll provide special offers and podcasts, only available to the Alumni group.

The Alumni Lifer pack is the best value if you're a trader serious about their trading results over the long term, and you always want to stick with us as we show you where the money is.

$1.00(inc GST)

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