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Charting Secrets - Revised Edition

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author: Louise Bedford
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-118-54318-4
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Trade like a machine and finally beat the markets using these bulletproof strategies.

Louise says:

"If you're tired of letting the markets hit you in the hip pocket, this is the book for you. Complicated strategies just won't cut it any more. Trade like a machine so you can finally get the trading results you deserve.

Machines follow instructions. They’re implacable, like robots. They don’t deviate from their programming. They don’t dwell on the past. They keep on doing the same thing, over and over again, and don’t get hung up on their results.

These are exactly the qualities you need to cultivate as a trader.

The world has changed since I wrote the first edition of this book. So even if you have a well-worn, dog-eared, highlighted copy of it on your bookshelf, you need to update your methods by grabbing this revised edition."

Plus I have some great free bonuses to give you as well! Keep reading to hear more..."

Want your trading business to run on auto-pilot?

Order now and you’ll receive as FREE bonuses:

  1. Audio – What were you thinking? One of Louise's most popular presentations and designed for you to play on your ipod so you can strengthen your neural pathways and become an exceptional trader (valued at $29.95).
  2. Video - Chris Tate’s - Timing Works, Time in the Market Sucks (valued at $29.95).
  3. Plus a video of Louise's Trading Secrets 3rd edition - book launch. You’ll hear about Louise's chocolate cake recipe for creating traders with an edge (valued at $49.95).

You’ll receive $149.80 in value. (Subject to alteration without notice).

Ben Hinton
Electronics technician, QLD

"I knew that I was onto a winner"


“When I first picked up Charting Secrets off the shelf, I knew I was onto a winner. It had everything that I had been looking for to kickstart my trading journey.


"Charting Secrets is written in Louise Bedford's trademark simple and easy-to-read style. Her methods have been proven with consistency and longevity in the sharemarket. Since reading Charting Secrets, I have progressed a long way with my trading and still use the timeless principles contained in the book.


"Louise has been there as a Mentor, providing inspiration and constant encouragement to keep me on the right track. Thanks, Louise.”


Brian Carpenter

Full-time trader, QLD

"Any chart, across any time frame"


"Charting Secrets will help you analyse any chart, across any time frame. It's analysis made clear and simple.


"Follow everything that Louise says and her book will help you become chart savvy.


"It will give you the confidence you need to trade effectively."

  • No-one’s job is safe anymore.
  • It’s harder than ever to be an employer as there’s so much red tape. We’re all so litigious as well.
  • We’ve seen the world plunged into covid, and recover again.
  • The way you approach trading must change as well.

That’s why it’s essential to learn how to trade like a machine using this revised edition.

Louise will show you new ways of interpreting charts, and she's added completely new psychology secrets that you need to grasp so you can finally beat the markets.

In this workbook you'll find:

  • tonnes of sample charts to practice on
  • step-by-step solutions so you can gain confidence and skill
  • psychology secrets to revolutionise the way you think about money
  • bulletproof techniques so you'll never be stuck on the wrong side of the trend again
  • plus much more...

Become a self-assured trader who is capable of spotting hidden pockets of money in the markets. Take control of your destiny and let Louise be your trading mentor.

Sean Lowrey
Mining bus driver, WA

Sean's back in the black


“Out of the many trading books I have read, Charting Secrets has proven to be the one and only that has provided a stepping stone to further knowledge and trading success.


"For the first time trading CFDs, I find myself in a profitable situation.


I'm finally 'in the black'.


I have been very impressed with Louise's honesty and willingness to offer straightforward advice."

Bruce Fenwick
ski instructor, VIC

Bruce loved the bonuses that will be yours when you order now!


"Hey Louise,


I've just watched and listened to my Charting Secrets bonuses, thank you. It was really cool to watch the video of the book launch even though I was there, that's the first time I've seen the video.


Great to Watch/Listen to Chris on "Timing Works, Time in the Market Sucks!" The more I listen to this stuff the more sinks in right?


The one that I really loved, though, was "What Were You Thinking?"... Freakin' Awesome!




Make your story the next success story!

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$39.95(inc GST)

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