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Relaxation for Traders - Unleash the Power of Your Unconscious

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author: Louise Bedford, Harry Stanton
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Stress, racing heart, sweaty palms… they’re all a part of being a share trader, right? Actually, the best traders have discovered techniques that allow them to trade calmly, with confidence and clarity. 

If you would like to learn how to trade with focussed concentration, assurance and precision, it is probably simpler than you ever believed possible! This audio CD will take you through relaxation methods designed to calm your thoughts. These relaxation techniques can assist with a variety of trading challenges including not acting on stop losses, difficulty in adhering to a trading plan and results related anxiety. It is separated into 4 tracks: 

  • Track 1: Introduction
  • Track 2: Mental Control with Harry Stanton
  • Track 3: Effective Trading with Louise Bedford
  • Track 4: Unleash the Unconscious with Harry Stanton 

About the Presenters 

Louise Bedford is a respected options and equities trader, best selling author, and has degrees in Psychology and Business. Dr Harry Stanton (author of Let The Trade Wins Flow) is a practising clinical psychologist, and recognised as Australia’s leading peak performance coach for traders. Louise and Harry’s techniques have helped thousands of traders attain exceptional trading results. They will guide you towards being the best trader you can be. WARNING: DO NOT PLAY THIS CD WHILE DRIVING, as your concentration could be affected. 

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Rave Reviews

Here is what one client, Anne Tinney, had to say about the CD: 

"I must again say how fabulous your 'Relaxation for Traders' CD is. Each of the meditations are just wonderful. I am finding I am enjoying doing the first one each morning before I begin my day. I can bet you that a lot of people who don't think they need it - actually do". 

"Louise, Harry and Chris, thanks for the new Relaxation for Traders CD. I’ve been using the guided relaxation techniques for a couple of weeks now, and I’m really pleased at the difference it’s making to my trading. I’ve found that I’m calmer, less emotional and more disciplined and detached when I’m trading.

Interestingly, I don’t recall the content of the guided relaxation processes, because I sink into such a deep state of relaxation early on that I’m not aware of what’s being said. But I do know that it’s working really well. I always feel refreshed, motivated and confident after coming out of the relaxation. It’s already had a positive impact on my trading and is helping me to handle some of the other challenges in my life.

Thanks again for a terrific CD." Jude Fowler, NSW, Full-Time Trader

"I have just received the Relaxation CD and gave it a good "workout". I would highly recommend this to all who are serious about taking their trading to the next level. It's really great the way the CD has been put together with the "scripting" designed especially for traders.

Needless to say Harry and Louise pushed a few of my "anchors" and I was out to it for a wonderfully blissful hour (even though it only seemed like 10mins or so).

It ties in very well with the previous 'Psychology Secrets' CD set, both in terms of presentation and flow.

Well done Louise, Harry and Chris." Peter Hunt, Business Administrator, Ballarat, Victoria

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$32.48(inc GST)

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