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author: Chris Tate & Louise Bedford
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You have the ability to create another income stream through trading the sharemarket. All you need is for someone to show you how! 

The Cutting Edge audio training includes two key products - the Share Trading 101 audio training as well as the Leverage 101 audio training. It's the ideal training to give you an understanding about how to get started trading, and which instruments you can use to boost your trading results. 

Share Trading 101 audio

In this intensive audio training, Australia's top trading educators, Chris Tate and Louise Bedford will show you how to implement successful trading principles shared by the world's best traders. Their straightforward, easy-to-follow approach, will have you up and running quickly and professionally. More advanced traders will find invaluable tips to transform their existing trading methods as well. By listening to this resource, you will learn risk minimisation tactics, the importance of a written trading plan, specific entry and exit strategies and how to measure your performance. If you're serious about becoming a profitable trader, you can't afford to ignore these innovative techniques. 

Who Should Buy This? 

This audio training is designed to assist you in establishing a successful trading business. For those who have already started trading, it will expand your knowledge and provide you with some inspiration regarding some of the more profitable strategies available. So, whether you are a complete beginner, or perhaps have a little experience already, this is the training for you. Included is a comprehensive study guide in PDF format. 

Leverage 101 audio

In this intensive audio resource, trading educators Chris Tate and Louise Bedford will show you how to implement leverage principles using some of the most sophisticated trading tools available. Their straightforward and easy-to-follow approach will help you to evaluate whether you're ready to apply leverage and how to develop winning strategies. 

About the Presenters 

Chris Tate (author of The Art of Trading) and Louise Bedford (author of Trading Secrets) have over 50 years of combined trading experience. Their methods have helped thousands of traders attain exceptional trading results. Jason Cunningham from also discusses taxation strategies in the Leverage 101 set. 

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To encourage you to become a brilliant trader, when you get these two resources, your Trading Game Forum membership will be updated for an additional 12 months. The forum trading community provides support, inspiration, and information. We know from experience that the best results come to those who ask the most questions using this terrific tool. We just teach the personal sharetrading methods and techniques that we use every day, under fire. We don't provide you with untested theories - just methods that work and that you can implement straight away. 

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$69.97(inc GST)

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