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The Secret of Candlestick Charting - DVD

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author: Louise Bedford
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If you have always wanted to be one step ahead of the market moves, this 1-day seminar (presented on 4 DVDs) is for you.

Taking you from basic to advanced candlestick concepts, you will become skilled in this amazing charting method. You will also learn some completely new candlestick patterns, macro pattern analysis and the two main patterns that Louise Bedford uses to trade.

Full Support, While You Learn!

You will also receive a comprehensive work book and 6 months of full forum access support so that Chris and Louise can answer your trading questions directly. The combination of theoretical information and practical exercises contained in this video program will maximise the learning experience, ensuring you retain the knowledge you have gained.

The DVD or the Candlesticks Home Study Course?

The DVD set is designed for the introductory to intermediate level. It covers the information in the book, introduces you to a few new candlestick patterns (that are also covered in the Home Study Course), and takes you through macro patterns such as double tops/bottoms etc. If you're just starting trading or have up to 6 months experience, it will be the right product for you. It's a simple, easy to watch and easy to follow production to help you define your entry signals with precision. The Home Study Course is designed for the intermediate to advanced level. It has exercises to test your knowledge, and also takes you through setting stops, position sizing, and performance measurement. (The DVD doesn't cover those areas at all).

The Home Study Course is probably even more comprehensive than the DVD set, but relies a little more on your motivation to follow through, (because DVDs are easier to watch than actually doing a course). The Home Study Course is more of an all-round experience as it already assumes a high level of knowledge about candlesticks. Both the DVD and the Home Study Course come with forum membership so you can have your questions answered if you get stuck. The DVD has 6 months membership and the Home Study Course comes with 12 months. The Secret of Candlestick Charting book is definitely a pre-requisite for the Home Study Course, but you could probably watch the DVD without reading the book.

What Traders Say...

There are so many traders who have been so excited about what this DVD set has meant to them, that they have written these testimonials:

"I am now a full-time trader. I'm living my dream. I call the shots. I'm in control."

"Louise’s sparkling personality and comic timing kept me enthralled for the entire seminar. Excellent coverage of a vast subject.

Just a few short years after attending this seminar, I left my job as a CSIRO scientist and I am now a full-time trader. I'm living my dream. I call the shots. I'm in control. I wouldn't have been able to achieve this lifestyle without Louise's ongoing support, care and concern for me. The skill and resources this woman offers is nothing short of phenomenal. Do everything you can to immerse yourself in her wisdom. I cannot thank her enough for the impact she has had on my life."

– Dr Karen Mardel, full-time trader, Ormond, Vic

"Louise’s absolute passion in delivering the information is inspirational" – James Malseed

"Louise’s presentation crystallised the strategies that I have utilised over the past three years. Her insights into her trading journey have encouraged me greatly" – Michael Odlum

"This seminar is presented in jargon-free, easy to understand language. Something that seemed so difficult has now been simplified" – Evelyn McLaren

"Louise gives you all the reasons in the world to get started" – Genevieve Lawrence

They're on their way to trading success, and you can be too. It's your turn to radically jump-start your returns. This product is included in the 75% off sale, so order your DVD set today!

$239.95(inc GST)
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