The Destruction Of Wealth

Every generation bears witness to the destruction of wealth – all booms end in a bust that is the natural cycle of the markets. These busts always follow on the heels of what has become known as irrational exuberance and this exuberance is fueled by hubris. But as each investing generation learns price goeth before…


Perception Versus Reality

Coincidence is a wonderfully odd thing. Whilst filling the truck at the local petrol station this morning a car pulled up at the bowser next to me – there is nothing earth-shatteringly exciting about this other than the interesting fact that it had three reasonably new parking tickets on under one of its windscreen wipers.…


Most Important Chart Of 2022

Baring some other catastrophe the current uptick in interest rates in the US (and eventually here) will be the most important “economic “event” of the year with ramifications not so much for equities but definitely for real estate. Interest rates have been in a long-term drift downwards for three decades as shown in the chart…


Milk Futures

It’s not just the more widely traded “food” related commodities that have been on a tear. I have always regarded milk as a legacy contract leftover from days gone by but it has done extremely well over the past year.