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How can I join the Mentor Program?

When we opened for bookings, last year there was a rush of people eager to book into the Mentor Program. Those people are now well on their way to becoming exceptional traders. They can rest easy knowing that they’ve got Chris Tate and Louise Bedford by their sides, to show them all of the latest techniques and strategies we use to uncover hidden profits in the share market. Plus, they know they can repeat the Mentor Program as many times as they like for free, so they’re looking forward to a brand new trading life. One filled with hope and excitement and capable of providing them with the lifestyle that they deserve.

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We’re getting ready to open the Mentor Program for bookings.

Those who managed to grab a place for themselves in last year are now on their way to becoming exceptional traders.

They can now rest easy, knowing that they’ve got Chris Tate and Louise Bedford by their sides to show them all of the latest techniques and strategies they use to uncover hidden profits in the share market…

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What people have achieved after completing the Mentor Program.

Q1. What is the Mentor Program?

The Trading Mentor Program – Where you’ll Never Trade Alone again.

The Trading Mentor Program is the most hard hitting trading education on the planet, crammed into 6 thought-provoking months. It will provide you with the ability to turn your trading around, and give you everything you need to be a superb trader, across every time frame, and with every instrument.

Where else in this country can you learn from two traders with decades of experience and the track record of helping so many other people become successful?

We give you our personal secrets and tricks to help you can develop a fabulous lifestyle where you call the shots.

Many of our traders have told us that there is more information jam-packed into the whole Mentor Program than in a full university degree, all packaged into bite-sized, easy to understand chunks. You’ll develop the skills to make money regardless of the market direction, in whatever conditions get thrown at you.

The Program will take you far beyond anything we’ve ever released through our books and even our advanced home study courses. Whether you’re beginning your trading career, or if you want to boost your results, this Program has been designed for you. Beginners, as well as full-time traders have joined the ranks of our Mentorees, and all have improved their skills.

The course utilises the most up to date multi-media, videos I’ve made specifically for the program, podcasts, and reading, as well as discussions based on these items raised by your fellow ‘mentorees’.

Q2. What are the meeting dates for the Mentor Program?

Chris and Louise are only running one Mentor Program per year. The first meeting is usually in February in Melbourne from 9.00am – 12.30pm. The second meeting is an all day extravaganza in May. The final meeting is where we’ll all get to kick our heels up and look forward to a bright new trading future. It will be held in August from 9am, and then we’ll all have a huge long lunch together. Can’t wait!

Generally, past mentorees tell me that they’ve committed at least 1 – 2 hours per day to the program, and this has been required to keep up with the content. If you’re just a rookie in the markets, you may need to devote more than the bare minimum. The more committed you are to focusing on the resources we’re providing, the more you will excel.

Q3. Do you have a guarantee?

We’ve found the way to take the guesswork out of share trading. We can teach you how to do this too!

Feedback from our traders has told us that there is more information jam-packed into the whole Mentor Program than in a full University degree, all packaged into bite-sized, easy to understand chunks. And, I can tell you; any University degree costs a whole heap more than this modest fee. With the correct application of these principles, the rewards to you and your family could be massive.

Talk is cheap so I am putting my money where my mouth is. Our Iron-Clad, No Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you attend the entire first week of the course and, in the unlikely event that you are not totally happy, I will completely refund every cent you paid. Plus you can keep the initial course materials with my compliments. Simply tell us at the end of the first week, and we will give you a full refund. If you’re not the right person for this program, nobody will try to put pressure on you to keep at it.

You have my word on this

We only want to work with traders focused on their own trading success. We’ll be by your side for years and years, so we need to make sure you’re the right person to work with. There is nothing to lose except the opportunity to experience a massive breakthrough in your personal and financial life.

It gives me such a buzz when I hear of new Mentorees kicking goals, as well as people who have been with us for many years. Some of our brand new Mentorees have made money even before the Program has finished and they’ve already covered the cost of the course.

Q3… continued – Are the Success Stories on your website real?

We’ve found the way to take the guesswork out of share trading. We can teach you how to do this too!

They’ve applied the principles we teach, and that’s the only reason why they’ve got the results they’ve achieved, and we couldn’t be prouder of them!

We keep our numbers of Mentorees small so we get to know everyone personally and we stay in touch with them over the years because we encourage our Mentorees to keep repeating the Program as many times as they’d like.

Some of our traders have repeated the Mentor Program 10 times or more and they’ve done this for FREE.

You’ll see videos as well as written testimonials, and take it from me – a video of an excited new trader talking about their results is very tough to fake! Check out our Rave Reviews pages.

On these pages, we’ll show you hundreds of satisfied traders, not only thrilled with their results, but also hungrily awaiting their exciting trading futures – knowing they’re a part of our exclusive trading family. The proof is undeniable.

We’re here for the long term. We’re solid. We started trading before Bob Hawke was Prime Minister. We know our stuff. We produce outstanding trading results for our traders. Check for yourself on our Rave Reviews pages. So – what’s holding you back?

Q4. Can I do the Program if I live interstate or overseas?

Definitely. Around 70% of the people who have completed the course are not from Melbourne.

The course operates using the cyber-magic of the internet, and our exclusive Mentor Program Forum. You’ll be given access to the most modern and up-to-date forum technology available, and this will be your source of knowledge and interaction throughout the program.

By attending 3 meetings held in Melbourne, (one at the start of the 6 month program, one in the middle, and one at the end), you’ll develop life long trading friendships that will obliterate your fear about feeling alone in the trading world. Alternatively, you can do our ‘Complete Online Solution’ version of the Mentor Program, so you’ll never have to travel to any of the meetings but you’ll still be provided with everything on video.

Q5. When does the Mentor Program start?

Chris and Louise are only running one Mentor Program this year. We will run 3 meetings, one in Feb, one in May and one in August.

Other than 3 face-to-face meetings, the program is conducted on our exclusive, private, Mentor Program Forum, where you will be exposed to trading concepts and revel in the personal tuition that we’ll provide. You’ll learn in your own time, at your own pace, so it’s ideal for busy people with a lot on.

Generally, past mentorees tell me that they’ve committed at least 1 – 2 hours per day to the program, and this has been required to keep up with the content. If you’re just a rookie in the markets, you will need to devote more than the bare minimum. The more committed you are to focusing on the resources we’re providing, the more you will excel.

Q6. What if I can’t attend the meetings?

“…if you can’t make it to the meetings, you can do it all online”

If you can’t make it to the meetings, it won’t set you behind. You can take part in our ‘Complete Online Solution’ version of the Mentor Program. Everything will be provided online for you.

We’re providing a special discount for people who can’t make it but still want the information via online video and audio. However, be aware, the meetings are designed around the needs of your group, so they will consolidate the specifics. For this reason, it’s absolutely preferable that you come to the meetings. They’re heaps of fun as well.

Q7. Who Is This Program Suitable For?

Suitable for people who have Never Traded Before as well as people who have been Trading for Years.

Basically this program is for anyone who wants to become a BRILLIANT TRADER.

The course is not just for people who have been trading for years. Even if you have just read one of Louise’s or Chris’ books, and you haven’t placed a cent in the market yet, this course is for you. To make sure you’ve got what it takes though, to do the full Mentor Program, you’ll need to read either ‘Trading Secrets’ or ‘The Art of Trading’ before we kick off the full Mentor Program. You’ve got PLENTY of time to organise that.

It’s our experience that most traders don’t approach anywhere near their full potential.


  • You’re a new trader or an experienced trader who wants to dramatically improve your trading results and confidence
  • You’ve asked yourself ‘Why the heck am I doing this?’ every time you think of your career
  • You’re busy, frantic, frazzled and hoping there is a better way
  • You’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there are other people creating a great lifestyle for themselves that doesn’t require dollars for hours and a 9 – 5 slog
  • You’ve been on the wrong side of the trend before and it’s hurt you financially
  • You desire real wealth but it has always seemed slightly out of your grasp
  • You’re frustrated by your trading results and you want a ‘paint by numbers’ system so you can achieve the lifestyle you deserve
  • You aren’t sure how to ‘feel the pulse of the market‘ but you want to transform your open mind into trading cash that sticks in your account and can never be taken away from you
  • or, you’re sick of treading water or slipping backwards in your sharemarket returns.

Q8. It’s Week 1 of the Mentor Program. Is it normal to only see the ‘Foundation’ section of the Mentor Forum?

Yes, it’s completely normal.

When you start the Mentor Program, you’ll be given membership to our exclusive, private Mentor Program Forum. There you will see all of the resource page links each week, jam-packed with videos and podcasts which will serve as your springboard for nailing the principles of trading. After you’ve graduated from the first 3 months, you’ll be granted ‘Advanced’ forum membership and you’ll access Chris Tate’s section of the program. You’ll still be able to see the Foundation section of the forum, so you’ll get to eavesdrop as we take new groups through this terrific Program.

We maintain the forum so that our special inner circle of traders have all the support they need to excel, both now and in the years to come. By completing the Mentor Program, you’ll be generating a lifetime of practical trading strategies and be surrounded by like-minded traders.

Q9. Can I repeat the Mentor Program for FREE?

Yes – you’ve got it!

As one of our special Mentor Program participants, you’ll get complete access to repeat the course as many times as you need to, so you can really cement the most important lessons, and keep up to date with the latest trading techniques.

The markets change so quickly these days, so you need to stay on top of the game and jump on opportunities. Many people find this one of the most valuable aspects of the course, as they can pick up additional trading tips each time we run through the course. It’s just like two experienced traders, sitting alongside you as you trade, leading you towards success and guiding you every step of the way.

Some of the first Mentorees completed the course 18 years ago (which was much less comprehensive back then) and have accumulated 16 years worth of profits, and have repeated the course over 18 times!

Recently I’ve had a few people ask a few more detailed questions about this. So here are some specific answers to some of the questions I’ve received about this:

How does this offer where you can repeat the Mentor Program impact your available slots for new participants in each program?

We do have rules about re-engagement with the course. You’re welcome to read these here. (Keep in mind that this link is usually reserved for people participating in the Program, so there may be a little jargon in there).

What happens is we deal with all of the new participants first, then ‘signal in’ the other past Mentorees when the conversation has run out of puff. That way we don’t interrupt the new participant’s thought processes. Plus, the other difference is that repeating students don’t get assigned a Trading Buddy (see this link). The Trading Buddy project is one of the unsung benefits of the Program and we’ve never seen another course replicate this anywhere around the world. It’s simply phenomenal.

Some people have found ‘life gets in the way’ the first time they do the Program, so they stop, ask us for permission, and participate as if they were a new participant next time around. It’s a bit of a juggle, but we like to keep everyone happy. It’s been working beautifully for nearly 2 decades like this, and we encourage everyone to repeat it as many times as they’d like.

Q10. When do I receive my Bonus Products?

When you come onboard our Mentor Program, you’ll receive a bunch of goodies via email. As a part of our Priority Notification list, you will have received at least 2 cutting edge videos about the market, plus several other podcasts. After booking into the Mentor Program, you received a Welcome video, your tax invoice, and details about our first meeting by email (if you’re attending the meetings), as soon as you’ve registered.

You’ll receive your ‘Get a Trading Plan’ audio CD link and course notes during the first week. Essential aspects of the Candlestick Charting Home Study Course are provided as we go through the program.Also, The Secret of Candlestick Charting – DVD Program comes as separate targeted sections during weeks 3 – 6, and choice sections of the Trading Psychology Home Study Course are delivered throughout the course too. So, you’ll get all of the bonuses we’ve promised within the 6-month program. In fact, most of the bonuses come within the first 3 months.

All of this multimedia support will really help you dive into the meat of the program. These ideas and concepts can be used by any trader to multiply their profits and derive incredible results from the sharemarket.

Q11. Why Are You Limiting The Numbers?

The fact is – we can only handle a certain number of participants. Plus, to offer outstanding support and run this Program properly, we cannot spread ourselves too ‘thin’ by taking on too many new traders. We’ve had to cap the numbers because we’re determined to help a select group of people create life-changing knowledge. As you can imagine, this opportunity isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is as keen as you are to really make a difference to the way they live. We want to surround ourselves with like-minded people, intent on living life on their own terms and becoming the best trader they can be. You’ll know if this opportunity is for you. If you have the heart and soul of a trader, and you’re looking for the support required to hit the ground running, then we might just be ‘your type of people’.

Keep in mind, that one of our past programs booked out within 3 hours. This is common in our world of fast action takers who recognise that jumping on an opportunity is the most profitable tactic in the markets. Good traders are action takers.

So, if you feel in your bones that this is right for you – now is the time to act. Don’t leave it to chance. Jump onto our Priority Notification list and you’ll never look back!

Also Chris and I have placed some conditions on running this event:

1. We want to surround ourselves with serious people who are determined to become exceptional traders. We only want to work with people who are committed to taking action and implementing the powerful information we’ll share.

So, if that doesn’t describe you, no offence, but please don’t come along.

2. Attendees must be hungry for knowledge about how to become exceptional traders and determined to increase their overall wealth. I will look after you for the first intensive three months to lay in a foundation for all that follows.

Then, after a short break, Chris will take you through more advanced trading concepts for the next three months. That way you’ll have two internationally recognised traders and authors supporting you, every step of the way. What’s more is that you’ll have our support for as long as you choose to continue being a part of the Trading Game community. There are people who trained with us over a decade ago. They are still learning from us and absorbing every new strategy we release.

3.We are not interested in teaching millions of people.

So why are we limiting the numbers of people who can take part in this training? Well… quite simply, our systems can only handle a certain number of participants.

This is advanced information and unless you’re prepared to make some serious shifts in your current trading methods, as well as your mind set, then feel free to generate the same results you’ve always been generating, without our involvement.

Let me tell you, the biggest sharemarket moneymakers I know are “smart idiots”. People who make fool-proof money don’t over complicate the process, and they follow an effective written trading plan.

The smart idiots are out there, and they’re trading brilliantly.

The really high IQ people, with a Doctorate in Advanced Astrophysics, first of all have to learn how to stop over-analysing. If you have a system that works (which ours does), and you’re willing to change the way you think, and if you have the ability to focus, you’re three quarters of the way there.

Q12-Q14. What Are The Pre-requisites? How Can I Tell If My Connection Is Fast Enough? Can I Use An Apple Mac?


The course is not just for people who have been trading for years. Even if you have just read one of Louise or Chris’ books, and you haven’t placed a cent in the market yet, this course is for you. To make sure you’ve got what it takes though, you’ll need to read either ‘Trading Secrets’ or ‘The Art of Trading’ before we kick off. You’ll be able to wrap that up in a weekend without a hassle.

Computer Requirements

Because the course will utilise the most up to date multi-media, you’ll also need a reasonably fast connection to the Internet using broadband or ADSL and a computer less than 5 years old.

Only read this next bit if you’re in the process of buying a new computer and you want to make sure it’s up to scratch. It’s all rather technical, so I asked my system tester – Scott Lowther to write this, as we get quite a few questions on this topic:

Computer requirements:

Most desktop and laptop/notebook computers available today in the $600+ price bracket would be fine to run a charting package and some basic office-type applications.

Side issues you may want to consider are:

The processor power – After you have selected everything else you want – get the fastest processor in your budget.

What I mean is that when you have everything you want for say $800 and your budget was $1,000 then you identify the next fastest processor with everything else you wanted takes the price to $950, then it is worth the extra $ to get the faster processor as over time this will make computing a little more enjoyable.

Now I am not saying go out and buy the fastest processor as that is expensive and a waste of money, just buy the fastest one within your budget to make general computing faster.

A decent graphics card and memory does not go astray – you don’t need to go overboard unless you are heavy into media, graphics and games, but a nice graphics card helps with speed to screen.

Your data will take up a bit of room but does not require anything outlandish to store it. Most desktop and laptop/notebook computers will come with a 500+Gb hard drive these days and this is more than plenty.

You may want to consider an external hard drive for backup purposes, they are pretty cheap these days and save a lot of grief if you have a problem later on.


Internet speed is the key here. Some people are concerned whether their connection is fast enough to handle the multi-media we provide throughout the Mentor Program, or whether they’ll need to update their computer. The best advice I can give you here is that you might want to visit this site:

It is a broadband speed test. You simply select what sort of connection you have and it automatically runs a speed test and gives you a graph of your speed. If it shows you are connecting at a reasonable speed and you still have problems with viewing online video then it is an issue with your computer.

If you are using a wireless service instead of cable or ADSL to watch the course content, there are different levels of service available depending on who your provider is. The Telstra network seems to be the quickest but some others can be no quicker than a dial up connection.

To measure my internet connection speed I have also used this site. (Provided you ignore all the sales pitches about testing your pc and “we will sell you something to fix it”. Its not a bad tool to get a view of internet connection performance).

Charting Software

You’ll also need to be familiar with Beyond Charts +, our charting package by the 4th month of the training.

Can I use an Apple Mac to run Beyond Charts+?

We have a few people running Macs in the group and I think they use this program called Fusion, instead of bootcamp.

Bootcamp means that you have to boot the pc into Windows whereas Fusion allows you to run the program without doing this.

Q15. Are there any other costs you can think of that I’ll need to consider?

Here are all of the costs I can think of that you’ll need to consider:

Prior Reading

At least one, or ideally all of the books in the Mentor Program Foundation Book Pack. You can start these once the Mentor Program is underway.

If you’re serious about doing the Trading Game Mentor Program, then this book pack is for you. It will provide the ideal preparation required to complete the Foundation level of the program. You’ll receive The Art of Trading, Trading Secrets and Charting Secrets, for a great 10% discount, so you only pay $107.87. Order these now by clicking here.

Beyond Charts+ and Data

Because the course will utilise the most up to date multi-media, you’ll also need a reasonably fast connection to the Internet using broadband or ADSL and a computer less than 3 years old. You’ll also need to be familiar with the Beyond Charts+ charting package by the 4th month of the Mentor Program training, but there’s plenty of time to get that organised. You can start the course using any charting package that you have access to and buy the charting package after the Program begins.

Other than 3 face-to-face meetings you’ll be invited to attend, the program will be conducted on our exclusive, private, Mentor Program Forum, where you will be exposed to trading concepts and revel in the personal tuition that we’ll provide. You’ll learn in your own time, at your own pace, so it’s ideal for busy people with a lot on. We’ll even give you access to videos recorded at those meetings, so you’ll be fully included.

You realise what we’re doing here don’t you? We’re opening up the whole hidden, underground world of the Mentorees for you to look at and watch, as well as learning directly from us – Chris Tate and Louise Bedford. If you’re like me, I’ve always found it to be of infinite value to learn from other people’s mistakes. Keep your eyes open and focus on every discussion, every word – and you’ll be up and running in no time.

The more prepared you are in advance, the more you’ll get out of the program.

Q16. How much money do I need to trade using the systems you’ll teach me?

This is always a question that I find tricky to answer. In the past, I have usually suggested people have around $15,000+ to trade with, but in reality, because there are so many leveraged items such as FX where you can start trading with $1000 or so, some traders now think that I’ve been vastly conservative. Limited capital will reduce the number and type of instruments you can trade and the type of money management you can implement, so this is important to note.

For example Rob (his video is featured on this page) started with limited capital and he is now a brilliant private trader travelling the world… so he laughed in my face when I said to him I’m telling people $15,000 is required to kick off…

So basically, it comes down to a choice, based on your own personal situation and education about the markets.

Also, just as a side note, the education that we provide we have to stand by, because we let you repeat the Mentor Program as many times as you like for free. So, if we weren’t helping people make money, we would have had to stop that innovation a very long time ago. Some traders have begun the course with more limited capital, and been ready to pounce when they’ve gathered more equity over time. This is a great way to go because by the time you’re ready to plunge into the market, you will have had the chance to be fully educated, and this will help minimise your risk.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have had several multi-millionaires complete the program to build on their current wealth creation strategies, and wrestle back control over their superannuation, for example. These high net worth individuals are just as keen to get control over their finances as everyone else, so they are magnetically drawn to the Mentor Program, widely considered to be the best trading training on the planet.

Q17. Do you think I’m too old, (or too young) to trade?

The sharemarket is an equal opportunity employer. It doesn’t care about your gender, background, age or any other aspect of your prior experience. System traders, dedicated to their own success, and with the discipline to educate themselves come out on top, every time.

As an example, we have had several people in their early 20s enrol in the program, and a few traders over 80 as well. One guy I’ve trained who is actively trading the market is just a few years shy of 100, and he’s making a go of it!

So can you.

The common thread between all of our traders is that the only schedule they want to answer to is one that they set for themselves. They want to call the shots in their own lives and make their mark. Some people reach this conclusion when they’re 20, and others may take a few decades more… it doesn’t matter – the end result is the same.

Stop making excuses and get out of your own way so you can trade like a professional and reap rewards from the market, from the comfort of your own home. The Mentor Program will provide you with an unforgettable experience, and you’re unlikely to ever be the same person again, once you complete the course.

Q19. Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, there is.

As soon the Mentor Program kicks off, this is what you get:

… advanced information to help you derive the most out of the Mentor Program, including free videos and preparation material delivered online

… a 6-month course where you’ll receive all the online resources (video and audio) available that have taken us years to create

…You’ll be able to get your personal trading questions answered through the exclusive private Mentor Program Forum

…You can repeat the course as many times as you like for FREE!

Q20. Can I Pay Using Another Method Other Than Credit Card?

The quickest way to book in is via our website’s secure server using your credit card, but if you can’t do this, you can fax me using the Fax Booking Form. This form will be available online where you can fill it out, print and fax it and I’ll book you in personally. You’ll need to provide me with your credit card details on the form, but be aware, priority will be given to online bookings.

If you currently don’t have enough money on your credit card, then deposit additional funds into your credit card, and then make your booking online, or via our fax form.

Direct Deposits and Cheques

Unfortunately, direct deposits or payment by money order or cheque is quite difficult for us to track, so it will incur an additional $50.00 charge (as the administration required to process this is extremely onerous.)

If this is the only way for you to get into the course though, it’s well worth it. You must CAREFULLY note your name details on any direct deposits that you make to our account, and send me an email immediately (, so I’ll know to look out for it.

Our banking details are:

Bank: Westpac Bank
BSB: 033 059
Account No: 271607
Account Name: The Trading Game P/L ATF The Trading Game Unit Trust

If you need to send a cheque or money order, postal address is: PO Box 7033, Wattle Park, VIC, 3128. Ensure you add your name, email, phone number and address details on the back of the envelope and in a note inside the envelope as well.

Q21. What can I expect after the Mentor Program?


Our people have had some outstanding results because of their participation in the program.

If you’d like to see what some of them have to say, have a look at all of our hundreds of Rave Reviews.

We have developed a group of people who don’t do things in the way the masses usually think and react. If you aspire to a different result, you need to accept that you will need to do things differently.

Breakthrough Strategies

Completing the program will provide you with breakthrough strategies and techniques, to help you uncover hidden profits that you never knew existed in the markets. You may choose to continue to trade on a part-time basis, or ultimately become a full-time trader, living life on your own terms.

Keep in mind that the traders who put in the most effort, derive the biggest results from the Mentor Program.

Upon graduating from this event you will develop a ‘street-smart’ style of trading, rather than drowning in non-practical theoretical knowledge. You’ll have enough knowledge to trade any instrument, anywhere in the world, over any time frame, using your own customised and personalised trading plan, designed with your own lifestyle in mind.

A life free of doubts

You’ll develop the confidence to act on market signals, without any nagging doubts, and make money during bear as well as bull markets.

Q22. How do I book into the course?

The majority of Mentor Programs book out within just a few hours of announcing that we’re ready to take bookings.

So, you’ll have to act quickly, or we’ll be booked solid and we won’t be able to fit you in. If you’re already on our Priority Notification list, you’re in with a fighting chance.

We’ll tell you when to be standing by to be able to book in. If you’re serious about coming on board, this is your best shot at being part of this exclusive group.

Q23. What Should I Do Next?

Register for our Priority Notification about the Mentor Program, so when we open the doors for the next Mentor Program, you can jump on board.

Right now there are a bunch of excited traders on this Priority Notification list who have asked for “first preference” at getting into the event, and who have qualified for some great free goodies. Remember, by registering, you are under no obligation to attend the Mentor Program. This is just to give us an idea about your level of interest. Register your details now and you’ll receive for FREE:

  • Louise’s brand new, never before released video called: “Trade for Your Life and Never Look Back”. This video is our gift to you and reveals the secrets used by professional traders to live life on their own terms.
  • Priority notification to let you know when we’ll be running the next Mentor Program, so you’ll get the inside scoop before anyone else hears about it, with absolutely no obligation to attend.

If you have a sneaking suspicion that there might be other traders who have discovered a “paint by numbers” system, and that you’re being left behind – now is your chance to make a huge difference to your financial future!

Click here to hear about when Chris and Louise will be running the next Mentor Program, and grab yourself a heap of terrific freebies at the same time.

You need to register for Priority Notification to find out when Chris and Louise will be running their next repeat-for-free Mentor Program.


  • Louise’s video called: Trade for Your Life and Never Look Back.
  • Mindset secrets – who Wins and Who Loses in The Sharemarket.
  • Advanced notice of when we’ll be running the next Mentor Program and when bookings open, with absolutely no obligation to attend.
  • Bonus Trading Video, Podcast and Articles related into the Priority Notification group.


Want to be an exceptional trader? Learn from the best. Chris and Louise have found the way to take the guesswork out of share trading.
They can teach you how to do this too!


Want to learn every instrument, over every time frame, where you trade your own plan?

Lukasz Krawczynski
Lukasz Krawczynski
03:07 26 Jul 23

Life changing experience

Doug Smith
Doug Smith
06:37 22 Jun 22

I have known Louise Bedford and Chris Tate since 2014. I have always found them to be highly ethical people, who always work very hard to help people achieve the goal of successful trading in the financial markets.Under their business name, of The Trading Game, they continue to strive to help people reach their highest potential. I feel privileged to have found Louise and Chris 8 years ago.

Philip Philips
Philip Philips
00:27 12 Jan 22

I joined Chris and Louise in 2016 and have followed each years new courses. It's its own community and for me has been invaluable.I log on nearly every day, and can't believe how far I've come, and know that the learning never stops.Definitely life changing.Thanks Chris and Louise and everyone with The Trading Game.

Peter Munro
Peter Munro
07:13 09 Jan 22

I completed both the mentor programme and Trading Boardroom. Chris and Louise are both still trading so what they teach is current and backed by decades of trading experience. I strongly recommend them.

Ian McKay
Ian McKay
00:41 09 Jan 22

I've been a member of The Trading Game for over two years now and have gained invaluable insight, knowledge and experience in not only trading all available markets but in life in general. Chris and Louise are very 'hands on' with their training and education techniques, using differing styles while complementing each other perfectly. Chris and Louise go out of their way to be accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level. Additionally, the Trading Game community gives me access to some of the very best thinkers about trading who continually collaborate and encourage each other to achieve the best outcomes. The Trading Game will change your life, I know it has changed mine.

P Hunt (ZPGH)
P Hunt (ZPGH)
10:28 08 Jan 22

If you are serious about Trading and taking control of you finances ..and your life - this is the place to be. I did and now enjoying living life on my terms with financial serenity. 🙂

lee weston
lee weston
09:16 08 Jan 22

Louise and chris are the real deal. They will teach you how to trade not just follow a system someone else has made. They create a community of like minded people and provide the support you need to get you trading well. Best thing I ever did for my trading. I would not have gotten as far as I have without them and the group as a whole. Cant recommend them enough.

Jean-Claude “JC” Siliato
Jean-Claude “JC” Siliato
04:05 08 Jan 22

The real deal - best in the business!

Frank De Jong
Frank De Jong
03:37 08 Jan 22

Louise and Chris are the real deal - not some fly by night, buy a black box trading system - they teach you to build your own trading system & think for yourself - it is not a get rich quick scheme, but a well thought out and structured course with ongoing support and a repeat for free option (which l have and continue to use) to fine tune my trading system over the last 10 years. Whilst the mentor program is not cheap (you get what you pay for) l have returned the cost of this course many times over - Cannot recommend the mentor program strongly enough - it has set my family up for a comfortable retirement + an ongoing income stream - thank you Louise & Chris.

Darren Thackeray
Darren Thackeray
02:18 08 Jan 22

Chris & Louise are two terrific Mentors who do really know the ins and out of Trading and enjoy passing on their knowledge.I highly recommend them, if you are a novice trader or a more experienced trader looking to improve your trading then look up The Trading Game you will be pleased you did.It has been a fantastic journey and I feel fortunate to have been associated with them both.

Angelo Vitale
Angelo Vitale
11:25 13 Oct 21

S. Pawar
S. Pawar
13:37 24 Sep 21

Brian Pettifer
Brian Pettifer
07:28 03 Jul 21

03:49 02 Jun 21

Robyn Wawn
Robyn Wawn
08:57 06 Apr 21

This reality-based six-month intensive training course is more than just learning how to technically trend-trade well for the rest of your life. It graphically sorts out what type of human being you really are and what to re-arrange about your current mindset to become one of the disciplined 5% who leverage from the skills learned to make money and create wealth through trading, for the long term. Their collective wisdom, decades of real-world market experiences and generous ongoing helpfulness given to individuals is exceptional and pleasantly surprising, without ego getting in the way. With this ongoing personalized assistance from some seriously smart and genuinely successful people, you work towards acquiring the necessary and few professional tools of the trade to progressively build and test your own individual trading system that fits your lifestyle, before you blindly jump in and out of the markets and do your dough. If you have a brain, ambition, persistence, plus motivation to work towards learning powerful skills, this is the one market resource and goal to singularly focus on and dedicate your energy to. The Trading Game is a definite YES. They take the biscuit. For starters, read and re-read the books written by Chris and Louise. Truth resonates. If you’re listening.

Jay Dee
Jay Dee
01:48 09 Dec 20


Stephen McPherson
Stephen McPherson
01:42 09 Dec 20

Louise and Gavin are both professional and helpful people. Their knowledge and willingness about the share market is exceptional and then to pass that onto budding traders is special. Have a problem not an issue send an email and you will get a response in a shot amount of time.

03:50 18 Apr 20

The Trading Game gives us a strong understanding of the financial markets and how we can trade them effectively and profitably using sound techniques based on risk management and a focus on capital preservation to go the distance when trading.Thoroughly recommended.

Anna C
Anna C
00:50 15 Apr 20

Yvonne King
Yvonne King
07:43 10 Mar 20

As a new trader listening regularly to 'Talking Trading', I gain exposure to the insights, wisdom and experience from some of the world's leading trading professionals - knowledge which may take me years to accumulate otherwise. It is a 'must' for anyone who wants to excel as a trader.

Josephine Williams
Josephine Williams
03:52 05 Feb 20

Trading Game delivers so many valuable facets of information. Caroline delivers in her interviews, making for an easy listening experience.Louise and Chris make a great team who generously share their knowledge and expertise in trading. Their sole intention is making the listener a better trader. The key is for the listener being ready to heed and absorb the good direction.I highly recommend making Trading Game your weekly 'must listen' to podcast.

David Bay
David Bay
03:27 05 Feb 20

There is no need to look around and see what is on offer. I did that, I signed up and wow. The real deal, with 100% unquestionable ethics, dedication and honesty. No BS just actionable trading and direction. No sugar coating either!

Jason McIntosh
Jason McIntosh
22:52 02 Dec 19

I recently attended a Trading Game live event in Sydney. As well delivering outstanding content, Chris and Louise also took lots of time to talk to their guests. It was clear that everyone in the room had the highest regard for them. I believe that sort of respect only comes to those who really make a difference to others. If you want to become a better trader, then check out their work. It's an opportunity you won't want to miss.

16:51 29 Apr 19

I find Louise very motivational and she is helping me keep engaged with this trading game. Highly recommend!

Kym Chilton
Kym Chilton
22:56 23 Apr 19

Chris and Louise are amazing people, generous with their exceptional knowledge and experience. They understand what it takes to create successful traders, albeit their support extends beyond just becoming a trader. If you are prepared to put in the effort and want to be involved in building your own trading system to achieve your passion/goals, you won’t find better and more qualified trading mentors than Chris and Louise. I highly recommend The Trading Game.

Bevan Clark
Bevan Clark
08:23 10 Apr 19

Chris and Louise's books are a must read for new traders. Practical knowledge and advice from experienced traders.

Cedric David Bacalzo
Cedric David Bacalzo
05:47 10 Apr 19

Two thumbs up! Keep up the good work 🙂

Annette Reid
Annette Reid
08:36 08 Apr 19

It is such a great experience work with Trading Game, I am learning so many things about trading and also about myself. Being taught and mentored by Chris and Louise is a great experience.

Loraxe Timbers
Loraxe Timbers
01:45 08 Apr 19

Highly recommended

Aaron West
Aaron West
04:36 07 Apr 19

If you’re taking your trading seriously, you have been looking for trainers, coaches and mentors.In this arena there are plenty of charlatans and fraudsters. However, I can assure you The Trading Game is not one of them.Chris and Louise are experienced traders, with decades of coaching and mentoring experience. They’ll tell it to you straight, build your skills and knowledge, and point you in the right direction.As you know, success will be up to you, they can’t give it to you. If you take guidance from The Trading Game, you will get there much quicker, with the confidence that you know what you’re doing because you’ve been coached be the best.

Trevor Ladret
Trevor Ladret
01:50 07 Apr 19

Bach Yen Nguyen
Bach Yen Nguyen
09:13 06 Apr 19

Louise and Chris are great mentors. On Mentor program, you can learn from beginning to advance with many different instruments. I enjoy the program very much and build up my skill each year I repeat. I love the offers allows us to repeat over and over as long as we wish and have great supporting from trading buddy groups, if you take trading as a serious path I highly recommend their services.

John Cooke, Biz Xsell Pty Ltd
John Cooke, Biz Xsell Pty Ltd
22:52 05 Apr 19

I completed the Trading Game Mentor Program some years ago now, and I've repeated it once since then for free. I can't recommend it highly enough. It taught me so much about trading and also about myself so I can now trade with confidence and with profit.

Nyssa Nair
Nyssa Nair
21:49 05 Apr 19

Love Louise's work! I have followed Louise for years now and I love the inspiration and motivation mindset she shares and her dedication to perseverance. Thank you for your generosity and continued contribution.

Rafael Rodriguez
Rafael Rodriguez
20:10 05 Apr 19

Louise and Chris have not only the knowledge and experience to help you success in the markets, they also have the commitment and the skills to transfer their invaluable knowledge and experience.Furthermore, unlike other programs out there, they won't lock you in a room, dump lots on information on you and then ride into the sunset. They'll stay put and support you all the way for as long as you want to be part of the TG Family

Peter Holsman
Peter Holsman
19:59 05 Apr 19

I have learned more about trading in the last three years than I thought possible. I now have a detailed trading plan that manages risk and tells me what trades to consider. Hope and wishful thinking are no longer involved in my decision making. Louise and Chris are fantastic mentors.

craig wainwright
craig wainwright
12:02 05 Apr 19

Their trading education programs are outstanding. They provide clear, no nonsense practical advice to enable you to survive and thrive if you are willing to trade and learn . Their focus on the psychology of trading has been vital to me achieving a level of success I could not have otherwise attained

Roman Maroni
Roman Maroni
10:22 05 Apr 19

Two contrasting styles of teaching come together to create a great learning environment for new and not so new Traders

Dean Guirguis
Dean Guirguis
08:04 05 Apr 19

The Trading Game has given me the right tools and support to tackle the trading world head on. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn to trade properly. Thanks Chris and Louise for sharing your knowledge.

David Tran
David Tran
07:20 05 Apr 19

Take your trading to the next level and your families financial future into your own hands with a proper trading education from Chris and Louise.I have attended many trading seminars over the years and by far the material from The Trading Game is excellent and the support is fantastic.

Gail Greenwood
Gail Greenwood
07:05 05 Apr 19

Dreams can come true

Sonja Davie
Sonja Davie
05:55 05 Apr 19

Glad to see this business is surrounded by the places that make solitary trading easier: cafes, restaurants, a cinema and a music shop.

Mark Snell
Mark Snell
05:27 05 Apr 19

I have known & worked with Louise & Chris for many years, and have found them to be amazing Traders, Teachers and Human Beings. Caring and passionate, tough and fair, they are always learning and always teaching, and I respect and admire them for that!

Joe Papa
Joe Papa
03:31 05 Apr 19

A wealth of knowledge and a great program from two of the experts in the field . If you are contemplating trading, you want the expertise from these two great people that I call friends, by your side on that journey.

Asken Zibignu
Asken Zibignu
02:10 05 Apr 19

These guys have the runs on the board to be classed as experts in the arcane art of trading. When you are a lone trader like I am it has been of untold benefit to me to be able to tap into their collective wisdom either through their newsletters, podcasts, seminars, books and so much more. I highly recommend their services to trader at any level.

02:05 05 Apr 19

Love these guys, straight forward practical info without the hype or BS. Also check out the Podcast as Caroline does amazing work.

01:44 05 Apr 19

Louise and Chris have a trader development program that offers exceptional education and allows you to repeat over and over to consolidate your skills and stay up to date. They have also created a family atmosphere with many course graduates continuing to participate year after year to give back and support other course members. A great investment in your future.

01:21 05 Apr 19

If you are looking to receive expert training in share trading, you have come to the right place. Chris and Louise provide very honest and realistic advice on how to be successful.

Damian Lee
Damian Lee
01:11 05 Apr 19

Chris and Louise take what appears to be a complex world and demystify and simplify the jargon. They taught me the business of trading, not the hype that the internet fuels. Highly recommend.

Bruce Fenwick
Bruce Fenwick
01:41 05 Feb 19

Chris and Louise … what can I say?Well, I can tell you that they are the real deal. They have been there and done that, so they can guide you in how to get there and how to do it for yourself, for your partner, for your family etc.Without sugar coating it, yes, you will have to work and yes, you will get uncomfortable, however … if you bring with you a sense of adventure and an open mind … genuinely, it’s worth it.I can only tell you that in my experience it has been life altering … in a good way.