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At the end the Mentor Program, it’s important to know what to expect. In a strange way, you’re just getting started! Before we welcome the new Mentorees into the Program, you’ll notice that we will be clearing out all of the content from the Foundation section. This will happen at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the next Mentor Program.

The Advanced section will stay around for a little longer, to give you time to clear up all of the loose ends with CT – so that will help you out there.

So, now is the time to cut and paste until your heart is content from the Foundation section. The count down is on for the info to be lost forever if you don’t capture it for yourself.

Here are some guidelines that you can use to help you interact with the new Mentorees, as they come onto the forum. Here are the most common burning questions we’ve been asked about how to get the most of Mentor Programs in the future:

List of Questions

How do I get access to the new Program's information?

You’ll automatically ‘roll over’ into the new Program, so there’s nothing you need to do to take part. Nice, hey?

I'm a trading buddy. What do I need to do?

As you know, each new Mentoree has the choice of choosing a ‘Trading Buddy’ who has completed the Program previously, often located in a geographically convenient area. Now that you’re graduating from the Program, some of you have volunteered to be a buddy for the new Mentorees.

It’s a great way to really reinforce the lessons from the Program. As a buddy, you are there for moral support for the first 6 months of the Program. To read more about what you can expect from this unique ‘New-Mentoree / Trading Buddy’ relationship, click here. This link will be provided to the new Mentorees so they will know how to interact with you.

At any time, if you haven’t volunteered to be a buddy, but you’d like the opportunity, just email Louise and I’ll add your name to the volunteer list.

Keep in mind that sometimes, due to geographical constraints, even though you volunteer, there may be no new trader who chooses you. Alternatively, you may get too many people contacting you, and you will, of course, need to tactfully decline taking on any more newbies.

We still value you being on the volunteer list, and it’s likely that a future Mentor Program will have one of your ‘neighbours’ booking in – so don’t take offense if you don’t end up with a ‘group’ the first time around. Take control though if you end up with too many newbies. Feel free to decline and ask them to find an alternative buddy.

More specific details will be sent to each buddy to give them more guidelines. It’s an exciting project and a great way to give back to this terrific trading community.

When a new topic is posted up, can I ask questions?

Well… yes… but with a few guidelines to consider. There are a LOT of people for CT and I to deal with, so if it’s clear that you’re not following these guidelines, we will need to either delete your forum posting, or take more drastic action for ‘repeat offenders’. So heads-up to know what we expect:

Wait until the topic has clearly run out of puff before posting your thoughts or questions.

Give the newbies a chance to make their own mistakes and to develop their own style. Remember how apprehensive you felt as you firstly learned your way around the forum, and secondly, got to understand the principles we were conveying. It can be rather nerve-wracking. Put yourself in their shoes, and write anything on the forum with care, and compassion.

We will tell you on the forum when we are ready for past Mentorees contributions. It will always be after the first few days of ‘discovery’ for the newbies. Let them learn and come to their own conclusions.

Stay on topic

Don’t change the topic mid-thread. If you have something off topic to say, then add it to the ‘Discussions’ section, or better yet, the Alumni area.

Don’t ask questions in the Foundation section that belong in the Advanced section

We all know that there’s nothing more irritating than watching a smarty pants try and score a few ego points. Keep this in mind. Allow the new Mentorees to learn at their own pace and don’t push them through to the next topic. Without an adequate foundation, they will lose confidence and you may be wrecking much more than just their trading careers.

Don’t give the newbies the ‘answers’ just to show how clever you are.

Yes, I realise there are a lot of ‘don’ts’ in this section. But, I think you can see that my heart is in the right place here.

Don’t butt in when CT or I are about to make a point

If you do so, your posting will be deleted.

What can I expect in the Alumni area and when do I get access?

Once CT considers that you’re ‘ready’, you’ll be able to access the Alumni area for a small monthly fee. This part of the forum is GOLD.

All past Mentorees really let their hair down here and discuss anything and everything about trading, in a very frank and direct way. You’ll love it.

What if I still don't 'Get' it, and I've run through the program a couple of times?

My advice? Stay in the arena. Stick with us and we’ll stick with you. The penny will drop. Most Mentorees find that the first run through, frankly, gives them a migraine. After a couple of runs through though, it will all click.

Think of Darren Lovett.

Darren started the Program 5 times, and each time, ‘life got in the way’. You know what though? The 6th time was a charm!


Part-time trader, Vic


“I lost my first $40,000 trading bank within 6 months, trading options on the back of some spruiker’s advice who suggested we bet 20% of our trading bank on each trade. And I paid him $5,000 for the privilege!! The only reason I toughed it out is because of you two. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time and for your honesty and integrity and not being part of the 98% of BS*&T artists out there”

Keep these guidelines in mind when you’re interacting on the forum, and you’ll find that the next time you run through the Program, more of the puzzle will drop into place. Also, keep a close eye out for brand new content, including videos and podcasts – as some of this stuff you have never heard before. It will be like one huge treasure hunt as you look for the different resources we’ve put together for the new group, as well as our loyal past Mentorees.