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  1. ‘Trade for Your Life’ video
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“Trade for Your Life and Never Look Back”

In this video you’ll be able to learn about the essential ingredients of a trading plan, and how if you miss one of these ingredients, you’ll never be a trading success. You’ll also learn about the 10 most common mistakes that a trader can make, and what it takes to trade full-time in the markets.

Extra Bonuses from CHRIS TATE

Congratulations on registering for Priority Notification. Below you will find the bonus videos as mentioned on the Priority Notification registration page.

These videos were recorded at the Australian Investors Association national conference where I was a keynote speaker. They include all the slide imagery used in the presentations.


(Please note that in this 1st video I mention a web page that is no longer available.)


If you have any questions about the Mentor Program, make sure you check out this link. I can practically guarantee that the answer to your question will be right there.

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After watching these videos, and listening to the interview, it’s quite possible you’ll never view the markets in the same way again!

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