Beyond Charts+ Tutorials with Daniel Kornaat

Daniel Kornaat, a past Mentoree, has kindly put together some videos about how to use Beyond Charts+ in conjunction with the Mentor Program.

For your reference, here are all the videos displayed on one web page.


An introduction to Beyond Charts+

9:22 mins

Uploading BC+ charts onto the Forum

9:24 mins

Indicators and Moving Averages

7:21 mins

Value Lines, Cross Hairs and Trend Lines

8:47 mins


7:59 mins

How do you back up a watch-list in BC+?

Scott says: “What I would do was select the first item on a watch list, hold the shift key down and select the last item in the watch list.

This basically selected all the stocks in the list and they turned blue to indicate they had been selected.

From there you cannot right click and copy them, but you can use Ctrl C to copy the list (not sure of the Mac approach to this). I then simply pasted them into Excel.”

Line Tools

7:37 mins

RAD Chandelier

5:45 mins

To replicate the Advanced Trailing Stop that he mentions on his volatility stops video, the RAD Chandelier is native to BC+.

Scott has prepared a pdf on this as well. Click here to see that pdf.

Overlay Manager

9:17 mins

Macro Filter

7:59 mins

To look at the Volatility % that Louise uses, all you need to do is get the ATRV indicator onto the bottom of your chart, here is a pdf to help you with applying a fixed 5% line onto it at this link:

If you’re not sure about how to apply an indicator, click here:


15:04 mins


11:43 mins


17:33 mins

Ribbon Indicator

24:52 mins