The Trading Game Forex service covers 41 leading currency pairings (exchange rates) on an end-of-day basis. For each exchange rate, we also provide the “flip”, or inverse (in other words, we provide USD/AUD as well as AUD/USD). This means that there are a total of 82 symbols in the service.

The coverage is summarised in the tables below.

Currencies featured in the service
“Majors” Symbol Name
AUD Australian Dollar
GBP British Pound
CAD Canadian Dollar
EUR Euro
JPY Japanese Yen
CHF Swiss Franc
USD United States Dollar
“Minors” HKD Hong Kong Dollar
MXN Mexican Peso
NZD New Zealand Dollar
NOK Norwegian Krone
SGD Singapore Dollar
ZAR South African Rand
KRW South Korean Won
SEK Swedish Krone
Primary Exchange Rates
Exchange Rate Symbol Name
AUDGBP Australian Dollar/British Pound
AUDCAD Australian Dollar/Canadian Dollar
AUDHKD Australian Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
AUDJPY Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen
AUDNZD Australian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
AUDSGD Australian Dollar/Singapore Dollar
AUDCHF Australian Dollar/Swiss Franc
AUDUSD Australian Dollar/United States Dollar
GBPCAD British Pound/Canadian Dollar
GBPHKD British Pound/Hong Kong Dollar
GBPJPY British Pound/Japanese Yen
GBPMXN British Pound/Mexican Peso
GBPNZD British Pound/New Zealand Dollar
GBPSGD British Pound/Singapore Dollar
GBPCHF British Pound/Swiss Franc
GBPUSD British Pound/United States Dollar
CADJPY Canadian Dolalr/Japanese Yen
EURAUD Euro/Australian Dollar
EURGBP Euro/British Pound
EURCAD Euro/Canadian Dollar
EURHKD Euro/Hong Kong Dollar
EURJPY Euro/Japanese Yen
EURMXN Euro/Mexican Peso
EURNZD Euro/New Zealand Dollar
EURSGD Euro/Singapore Dollar
EURZAR Euro/South African Rand
EURSEK Euro/Swedish Kronor
EURCHF Euro/Swiss Franc
EURUSD Euro/United States Dollar
CHFJPY Swiss Franc/Japanese Yen
USDCAD United States Dollar/Canadian Dollar
USDHKD United States Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
USDJPY United States Dollar/Japanese Yen
USDMXN United States Dollar/Mexican Peso
USDNZD United States Dollar/New Zealand Dollar
USDNOK United States Dollar/Norwegian Krone
USDSGD United States Dollar/Singapore Dollar
USDZAR United States Dollar/South African Rand
USDKRW United States Dollar/South Korean Won
USDSEK United States Dollar/Swedish Kronor
USDCHF United States Dollar/Swiss Franc

The historical data for exchange rates involving the Euro begin on January 4, 1999. Otherwise, the histories start on January 2, 1991, with the following exceptions:

United States Dollar/South African Rand – December 23, 1992
United States Dollar/Mexican Peso – July 11, 1994
British Pound/Mexican Peso – December 11, 1998