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If you’re currently not making money in the sharemarket – it’s not your fault!

How can you be expected to know intuitively how to make money trading if you’ve never been shown? So it’s great to see that you’ve decided to get rolling by getting my 5-part e-course: The Sharemarket – Your Unfair Advantage.

The important thing to me is that you get incredible value from this e-course. I realise your time is valuable and I plan on delivering. Too many times e-courses like this are simply a waste of time, so if that is what you were expecting, prepare to be stunned.

What You Get

Over the next 10 days, you’ll receive information to really sink your teeth into, so that you can learn how to trade like a pro.

You’ll receive a series of podcasts to help you grasp the lessons, and to finesse your skills. If you stick with me over the whole e-course, I guarantee that you will get at least one real ‘zinger’ or ‘aha’ experience. This could be all that you need to generate obscene profits. You don’t need luck to trade effectively. All you’ll need is education and action.

To ease you into the whole trading process, or to help you refine your skills if you’ve already started to trade, every few days I’ll email you shortcuts that I’ve outlined in some podcasts.

Your Trading Plan Template

Every effective trader works to a written trading plan. But… holy cow… what is a trading plan, and what do you put in one so you can end up with a roadmap to guide your success?

Click below to download my template.



If you’re alert, and if your mind is always focused on opportunity, you’ll discover many gems simply by listening to the lessons I’m providing for you. Here is a breakdown of your course:

Part 1: Charts and Mindset

Part 2: Stops and Brokers

Part 3: 7 Deadly Sins and Profit Maximisation

Part 4: Trading with Leverage

Part 5: Trading System Design and Central Trading Beliefs

To trade well you need to develop and stick to a trading plan, so this should be your focus over the coming weeks. This course contains exactly the information that I wish I’d been privy to when I started to get serious about trading.

Your First Lesson

For your first lesson, click on the links below to hear some incredibly relevant information that will help you develop the skills required to be a super trader:

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If I didn’t care about your success, I wouldn’t be giving you this free training. I’ve charged substantial amounts for similar information but for you, I’m providing this incredible information for free so you can burst through your trading barriers. I want you to understand this is where it begins, and if you’re ready to use this information, it will make a difference for you.

By sharing these concepts, I hope that you’ll allow me to join you as you learn your craft and become a truly exceptional trader.

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