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What value do you put on your future?

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Peter Forge is a carpenter who lives with his family in Tamworth NSW. Peter completed the Mentor Program in 2014 and just recently sent Louise and Chris a copy of his trading plan to have it reviewed as he continues on his trading journey. Along with the trading plan was a 5-page thank you note that was prompted by Louise’s recent video “I’ve got this”.

At the beginning of his letter he writes:

“Twelve months ago at the 2014 mentor final meeting you asked if anyone would like to record a testimony of their thoughts of the program. I really want to pass on my thoughts and feelings about doing the mentor program but I have great difficulty in putting my thoughts and praises into words so I thought I’d do it in a list form.”

If you would like to read his lovely letter, just click here.


The tall and the short of it is that there are just no excuses left! Stop spinning your wheels! These ordinary, everyday people are on their way as a direct result of completing the Mentor Program. Now it’s your turn.

Disclaimer: These are some comments from attendees and customers of Louise Bedford and Chris Tate’s events and other programs. These comments are not typical and will vary from individual to individual. Each individual’s success comes from many factors including a dedication to implementing the programs and products that we teach and provide. The income statements or comments are not intended to represent any form of guarantee or guarantee that every person can achieve the same results. There is no guarantee of achieving the same results and you recognise that any business or trading endeavour has inherent risks for loss of income or capital.