“My trading buddy has been very useful to get support about the Program, my progress and how I was going. It was also a back stop to ensure support. Knowing someone was there made all the difference.”

Greg McaloneyPart-time trader, Vic

“The Trading Buddy Project is very effective, particularly in times of difficulty. I received significant encouragement when I fell behind and I really appreciated it.”

David HorkanOffshore Oil Rig Officer, Newcastle

“I feel the trading buddy project is an excellent idea. My buddy has done a terrific job, replying to my emails and having very useful discussions with me on the topics I was studying at the time. I hope we can continue doing this in the future as well.”

Stephen DownIT Architect, Melbourne

“My trading buddy is excellent. This is one of the best aspects of the Mentor Program. I met him on 2 occasions in the first 3 months. He has been most supportive and free with his advice and assistance.”

Bob MitchinsonEngineer, Melbourne

“It’s a great side aspect of the Mentor Program. Whilst I have only had limited contact with my trading buddy because CT and LB answered most of my questions, it is very comforting to know they were there if I needed to ask them a question. My buddy has also given some great advice via emails which I prefer to periodically.”

Matt ForsterBookkeeper, Port Lincoln