“Just do it!! There is so much to gain. You could become a full time trader and get your life back and live it the way you want to. My biggest fear is that trading was not going to be for me and that I wouldn’t be able to do it – but it is and I can!!”

Christine Dawson, Single Mum, Melbourne

“Even within the first few weeks of the Program, I started putting my trading portfolios in order – and I’ve had instant results.

I’ve covered the cost of the Mentor Program already and I’ve only traded with a fraction of the capital I have available.

Results count and this is so much more than just a ‘feel good’ course. You’ve taught me specific money making strategies that I’ve successfully applied and made profits straight away.

You really have a lot to be proud of in the way you teach and that knowledge obviously sticks and shows in your students’ portfolios!

You are both excellent Mentors, with unique teaching skills that complement each other perfectly.”

Vera Cvetkovik, Business Analyst, Sydney

“The amount of information and knowledge that has been passed onto us in the Mentor Program is amazing. I can already hear it in the way I am talking that it has become part of my thinking.Plus – The repeat factor!! Do you know you can repeat the Program as many times as you like for free?The fact that Chris and Louise really ‘tell it like it is’, but it is accessible to anyone at any level of ability is incredible.

The Mentor Program is designed in a way to really push us to new limits in our self and yet you have given so much support. I don’t think there is any other higher education system that is so accessible.”

Karen Hansen-Palumbieri, Graphic Designer, Melbourne

Troy says: “Property investing and share trading are such similar as skills, it would be a crime if you didn’t do both.

As a direct result of doing Louise and Chris’s Mentor Program, my returns in trading have been incredible. In only 6 months, they showed me how to trade every opportunity, with confidence and they can do the same for you as well. Their support is phenomenal.”

Troy Cortis, Sydney, full-time trader

“I lost my first $40 thousand dollar trading bank within 6 months, trading options on the back of some spruikers advice who suggested we bet 20% of our trading bank on each trade. And I paid him $5000 for the privilege!! The only reason I toughed it out is because of you two. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time and for your honesty and integrity and not being part of the 98% of BS*&T artists out there.”

Darren Lovett, Part-time trader, QLD