Thanks for clicking on the link


Thanks for clicking on the link in my email about the cancelled 29th July 2023 Brisbane Boardroom Meeting.

That tells me you have seen my email and you know, that due to Chris Tate’s current ill health, we have needed to cancel the meeting.

As I mentioned in the email, it’s not a decision we take lightly, but Chris’s well-being is our top priority, and we want to ensure he has the necessary time and space to fully get better from a major operation he has scheduled.

Please note:

  1. We will schedule a Zoom Meeting once we know more details so you will not miss out on any content. We will let you know the date when we can.
  2. We’re still going ahead with the final Boardroom Meeting in Sydney on 28th October 2023, which will be an extravaganza, for sure.
  3. The webinars with Scott Lowther are on 15th September 2023 – Psychology and 24th November 2023 – Maintenance.

Chat soon,