Video 3 – What is trading?

In Volume Three of the Mentor Program Orientation series, Chris Tate looks at what trading really is.
In this 13 minute video he dispels some of the more common myths that people have about trading and discusses trading in the real world.

Video 2 – Analysts

In this latest 22-minute video, Chris Tate talks about ‘Analysts’. Watch this short video and you’ll learn two major points:

  • Why share analysts used by brokers are dangerous to your wealth
  • Why thinking for yourself is the only way to develop an idiosyncratic trading system


Video 1 – Prediction

In this video you’ll learn:

  • Traders exist in an environment where there are no rules other than those they create.
  • This lack of structure is a source of anxiety for traders.
  • This anxiety leads traders towards trying to predict markets.

So what’s wrong with that? Watch this video to find out…