Part 4 of your Trading Made Simple e-course:

Trading with Leverage

This lesson’s topic is Trading with Leverage – Are you Ready?

As you will have realised, Chris Tate and I only teach the personal sharetrading methods and techniques that we use every day, under fire. We have no room in our lives for untested theories… we only teach what works.

The audios you’ve been listening to reveal our motivation in life to help others achieve the same, or greater, success and freedom.

If you’d like to see some videos about some of the people we’ve trained and the results they’ve achieved, just have a look at the Rave Reviews page on this website.

If those people can do it, so can you!

In this lesson, I’d like to provide you with some inspirational information about how you can leverage your skills to create a complete turnaround in your trading results.

You’re about to hear some incredibly relevant information that will help you develop the skills required to become an exceptional trader.

As a special bonus, I’ve included a terrific audio on trading the Foreign Exchange markets.

Don’t Quit Your Job Too Soon


Trading with CFDs


FX Trading


In the next section of this course, I’ll be covering the essential area of Trading System Design, so stay tuned.

We’ll chat more soon.

Louise Bedford


P.S. There is only one more lesson to go in your 5-part e-course, and you’ll receive that soon. When you go through the detail of what I’m giving you in this e-course, you’ll realise I’m giving you the keys to the vault. It’s up to you to continue your education process and take action, with our continued guidance.