Part 5 of your Trading Made Simple e-course:

Trading System Design and Central Trading Beliefs

This is the fifth and final part of your exclusive e-course – Trading Made Simple.

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I’m about to take you through the essential area of Trading System Design.

People ask us why we’ve been able to endure and succeed in the sharemarket, while others have failed miserably.

We tell them it’s because we’ve developed the skills to make money regardless of the market direction, in whatever conditions the market throws at us.

Trading System Design


We can teach you how to do this too! To give you a broader perspective on Chris Tate’s and my similarities and differences, I’ve provided an additional free gift for you – an audio about our Central Trading Beliefs.

It’s a staggering fact that between the two of us, we have over 6 decades of combined, painful market exploration and system testing. We’ve been able to translate our trading success into resources and services to help you replicate our results and develop the habits of truly exceptional sharetraders.

We put together the Trading Game website so that we could feel that we are connecting with other traders and transforming their lives, the way our own lives have been transformed.


Central Trading Beliefs


This is hard-core. As a part of your training, in order to improve the quality of your life, you’re going to need to focus. I know for a fact that this is effective. I know from experience that the best results come to those who educate themselves.

I trade for a living. I’ve been trading for over half of my life and I’m one of the few traders who actually pulls back the curtain and shows you how it really is. Once you perfect your skills, the results that are possible to attain will absolutely blow you away.

This will only happen though, when you commit to your own education and commit to developing effective trading practices. If you’ve followed me all the way through this course, then you’ll have gained an unfair advantage over other traders.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this e-course and find some productive and profitable use for the knowledge you’ve gained.

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Happy Trading!

Louise Bedford