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Investing Psychology Secrets

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author: Louise Bedford
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-394-26400-1
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Are you ready for sure-fire, data-driven strategies to supercharge your trading results?

Louise's new book - Investing Psychology Secrets, has just been released, and you can get in on the action.

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The Book

Are you ready to supercharge your investing and trading game? Louise Bedford, a leading expert in behavioural finance with over three decades of trading experience, unveils the secrets to success in the ever-challenging financial markets.

This bench press for your brain gives you six specific golden keys to help you develop your psychological fitness for trading and investing. Discover a world of practical, science-backed mindset methods that promise results.

Inside, you'll learn:

  • The paradigm-shattering truth about how meditation and mindfulness can reshape your trading results. (It’s not what you think).
  • The unexpected connection between tarantulas, self-worth, and trading success.
  • Why positive thinking can shoot you in the foot.
  • What the neighbourhood cat can teach you about effective trading.
  • Why sheer willpower isn't enough to create success.
  • What waterlogged rats reveal about the importance of hope in maintaining performance.

Let Louise be your mentor. Learn from one of Australia's best-selling authors in the sharemarket arena. Explore her other acclaimed books, including Trading Secrets, Charting Secrets, Let the Trade Wins Flow, The Secret of Candlestick Charting, and The Secret of Writing Options.

Get ready to take control of your financial destiny. This book will help you develop real, tangible improvements and lasting success. Dive in and let the transformation begin.

Sure-Fire Strategies Video Series

Never before released, these 3 videos will give even more benefit from Louise's new book.

  • Video 1: Weird Evidence-Based Research
  • Video 2: Sure Fire Strategies
  • Video 3: The Secret Chapters

The Support

To create exceptional trading results, you'll need support. That's why we've included 12 months of Trading Game Forum Membership in your pack (value: $320).

The Philosophies

There are certain philosophies that bind all effective traders together. Louise is giving you her 3 pack of special reports, so you'll have something fascinating to read while you wait for Australia Post to deliver her new book to you.

You'll get:

  • 50 Trading Tips to Fuel Your Profits to help you distil the wisdom of all the experts Louise has interviewed on her Talking Trading podcast. 
  • The Financial Serenity Special Report that Louise co-authored with Dr Harry Stanton. It's your fast-start guide to mastering your mindset. These sure-fire techniques will give you a shot in the arm to kick-start your results.
  • Plus, Louise's Special Report called How Much is Your Self Talk Costing You? You'll see where the REAL money is made. (Hint: It's made even before you enter a single dollar into the markets).

You don't need luck to trade effectively. All you'll need is education and action!

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$32.95(inc GST)

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